The Irritticus

The Irritticus was originally a series of chronicles written by the renowned travelling Fyllid scholar Nixua. Many Nixua's great works helped human scholars and historians paint a clear picture of Fyllid culture and how they lived. Translated by human scribes and compiled into one text known simply as the Irritticus, and is one of a handful of text translated from Fyllid into the tongue of man. It is a tome highly venerated by the church of the one. Much of the original chronicles the Irriticus was cobbled together from were severely damaged, with many pages missing it was deemed as a valuable insight into the old religion of the Fyllids that surrounded the maker god, the one god. In the text Nixua talks about, in detail, the Creator god Folurne and the earliest years of this world. Which of which has been used as the very principles the tenants of the church have been built upon for centuries. As such the tome is an important part of the institution, every place of worship dedicated to the one God has a copy of the Irritticus, In which a page is only read on sacred holidays, festivals and ceremonies.   The Irritticus has not gone without scepticism in the kingdoms of man, especially in the circles of the human mages. There are many theories that much of the book was mistranslated, as much of the Fyllid language is still no fully understood. This has led to the growing consensus that much of the Irritticus was doctored and written to fit the narrative of the Church. A view that has led to new canon laws being pushed through decreeing it heretical to question the Irriticus.¬†This has led to many being excommunicated and persecuted as heretics over the subsequent years by the ecclesiastical authorities of the church and it's faithful.
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