The Creation of Evalaw.

In the beginning, there was nothing. There was no time, there was no matter; all was a single void. But from nothing, things yearn to be. Out of this yearning grew a single pearl of existence, small and humble, with a heart bearing desire for order and harmony where there was naught but the cold abyssal void. From this spark came forth, Folurne the creator god. Amongst the endless sea of nothingness, Folurne gave of his flesh, and thus all matter was born in an instance. Where there was darkness, Folurne spread his arms and with the faintest glimmer, a spark that brought forth light. Illuminating the void and ending the eternal dark, thus the sun and stars were born. Such was the joy he felt in his heart he sought to crafted a world on which the paint of creation could be laid, but even after his labours this primordial world was naught but a grey waste devoid of anything. Unbearable to behold, there was naught but silence and loneliness. In his anguish Folurne did spill his blood, from this awoke the essence of existence, manifesting itself a bright vibrant being, the Goddess of life Shilina. Saddened by the melancholy of Flourne, Shilina took his hand and together they descended down to set foot on the world, immersing themselves in the vast oceans of creation.   Shilina was the embodiment of life and until that moment had not really understood what that really meant. For within her was the power to shape the world, the very trees, the land, the beasts, even the untouchable essence of the elements would soon be brought forth by her yearning. This life manifested in a multitude of forms, Green forests and plains began to engulf the lands, the sky and stars sprouted as the world began to flourish. Caught up in the excitement of bringing light and substance to the endless void, Folurne failed to notice the ripples he had made in the endless nothingness, stirred it's waters of the void. As he wrought and shaped the very nature of existence into being, other beings began to take form. The first of these rose up from the very darkness itself, the shimmering starlight giving it form from the nothingness that bore it. This nameless being would be simply known as Mother Dusk, the personification of Night and antithesis of Folurnes' light. For now, she would watch in pensive curiosity, biding her time and waiting, all the while Folurne and Shilina remained oblivious to her existence as she loomed over them. As time passed Folurne and Shilina began to noticed that many of their creations would wither and fall apart, refusing to adopt the shape they desired. They came to the realisation that something lacking, a force or presence was missing, but the question remained from one failed creation to another, what this was. So would pass countless eons as the two immortals pondered this mystery to no avail. That was until Mother Dusk grew tired waiting in her own solitude for something to happen, and so she decided to subtly break her silence. Unseen she descend from the endless darkness above and whisper to Shilina what she needed to do, before returning once more to her star lit canopy to observe.   It was during this time of marvels as creation began to unfurl, that another entity would be unwittingly born from the shadow cast by the raw power that was forming all of existence. A dark sickness that had been planted, slowly taking root it began to swell and take form. This would take the shape of the fourth and final progenitor god, Thryhrmet, the despoiler. If Folurne represented creation then Thryhrmet represented destruction and entropy, the inevitable end to all thing. He was Chaos personified, with the sole duty was to return all that had been created back into the nothingness from whence it cane. Thryhrmet had only just began to take form, but for every creation thing Folurne and Shilina would bring into being, Thryhrmet would slowly and steadily grow stronger. For now, the presences of these two distinctly ominous beings would remained concealed from the two creator gods.  

The Birth of the Elementals.

The secrets that Mother Dusk passed on to Shilina were of motherhood, the goddesses true nature to bring forth life, and the elemental forces that stirred inside her. She would need to bare Folurne's children, whom would possess the power to govern the primal chaos of the universe and stop creation folding in on itself, as had been the case with everything the two had made up until this point. What remained of these creations had clustered together to create two great celestial bodies of rock, teeming with unbound energies. These would later become the moons of this world, teeming with the magical essence many mortals draw upon.   The first of their divine offspring would emerge from the very rock itself. Reality quaked and split as tremors rung ceaselessly throughout all of creation. Shilina gazed upon this new life and name him Jhollrg, the elemental god of earth. He would form the first plane, a world of elemental power that would circle the great celestial sphere. The Second would come in the wake of his brother, a brilliant burning red light erupting forth from deep within the sun itself. With him he brought forth power and fury the like of which had never been seen before. This one Folurne would bestow the name Infủs, the elemental god of fire. Like his brother before him, he too would form his own plane, a burning ball of intense head and fire that would closely orbit the brilliant light of the sun. The Third harkened their coming with a breeze that would roil into a gale and then a hurricane as she descended from the heavens, her ferocity would gift herself the name of Hylress, the elemental goddess of the skies. Finally came the jewel of the deep, it is said that before this moment there was no concept of beauty or elegance until the last child, Koeva the elemental goddess of water was born. Both of these Goddesses would too form their own elemental planes, that would float in the celestial sphere. So beautiful was their last daughter that Folurne would take her name and cast it into the stars, dedicating his creation to be named in her honour. Thus the world Folurne intended to create was also given its name, Evalaw.   With reality itself finally stabilised, Folrune and Shilina would finally begin the great work, forming the very world we call Evalaw. They would call upon their elemental children to expressing themselves upon the world time and time again, aiding them in build continents and craft the landscapes that would slowly take shape. Much of the worlds features are said to be their work, and countless myths surrounding their origins still endure. Mountains are said to be the result of the budding romance between the gods of earth and sky. When the world was brought to being and the domains established. The two were divided. And over the decades, they grew to love one another from afar. It is said that the god of earth attempted time and again built upwards to reach his love, while time and time again, he failed falling back down to the world below. Volcanos are mark the battlegrounds between Infus and Jhollrg, as they vied for the affections of the goddess of sky, Hylress. None so tremulous as the battle of ?? where the tumultuous conflict would upturn entire continents and coat the surface time and time again in magma as the world split in two. As Infus won the affections of Hylress for a time, Jhollrg would turn to Eva, the rivers streams and lakes found throughout Evalaw are said to be the children and descendants of Eva and Jhollrg. The great spirits of the rivers would birth to numerous nymphs of streams, brooks, ponds and lakes. This union between Eva and Jhollrg enraged Hylress, the once close sisters relationship soured greatly, storms at sea are the rage unleashed of arguments between Eva and Hylress, the two embittered rivals have forever been known for their bad relationship with each other. These early eons were a period of tumultuous chaos, entire worlds were made and buried upon one another.


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