The Amulet of Ages


The Amulet of Ages is a legend, older than most of the elder races can remember. It was said to be the master work of the creator god Folurne, a magnificent tool that contained all the power of creation itself. Why Flourne made this is unclear, some Fyllid texts that survived the Doom of Tredor suggest it was one of the early wagers between Flourne and Tathamet, the great despoiler to use their powers and create an object more powerful than themselves. A philosophical debate whether an omniscient would indeed be able to create an object that is more powerful than themselves would lead them to cease to be omniscient. However, the wager was a trick, and while Tathamet feigned to complete the work, knowing that should either of them succeed their omniscience would be undone. This is what the Fyllids believe to have happened, and the reason why the cadence and the death of the creator god came to be. Flourne succeeded in creating an item that contained within it all the power of the cosmos. An item of supreme overwhelming power, the Amulet of Ages. As soon as Folurne had forged this masterwork, he realized his folly and resolved to destroy it. However, Folurne soon realized that not even he could destroy it, so was resolved to hide the amulet away from the clutches of any other being.   This is where the Fyllid text ends, the rest of the document has never been found. What is believed is that the Amulet reappeared during the final days of the sundering, used by the Gatekeeper to seal the Nether realms off from Evalaw, and re-establish the barriers between the planes. The last act while wielding the amulet was to banish the Fallen One from the world, who had used all his remaining power to confront the gatekeeper and seize the Amulet for himself. In the process the Amulet was said to have shattered and the fallen one cast to the four winds never to be seen again. What happened to the shards of the amulet is unknown, and has been the subject of many stories, fables and object of fantasies through the centuries.   The actual existence of the Amulet and it's legacy is another matter entirely. One that has the tenants of each major faith group interlocked in a series of theological debates amongst themselves. Most are in agreement that the Amulet is nothing more than a myth, with no real base of truth to it, and that the text is merely open to interpretation. Others have declared the mere mentioning of the Amulet as outright heresy, that the very notion of there being an object more omniscient than the creator god is blasphemy. Then there are those that concede that its existence could hold true, that this could be why the unthinkable occurred, that Tathamet had tricked the Flourne into creating the very instrument of his own demise. This as a concept is what truly terrifies scholars and religious leaders, that should such an artefact truly exist, the unimaginable consequences it could have should such a thing fall into the wrong hands.


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