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Orisha District

West of Ajmathi's Grand Bazaar, the Orisha District thrived as an infamous quarter within Ithen'drel, catering to the hedonistic desires of the Dral'azie.
  A lively, almost whimsical feeling punctuates the air, the intoxicating sights and sounds ensnare and overwhelm the senses, beckoning throngs of revellers deeper inside. The colourful façade and sights and sweet aromas of the Orisha Quarter is an overwhelming sight to behold, many becoming intoxicated by the hedonistic confusion that merrily penetrates throughout. The grandeur and opulence of the numerous establishments that line the district; brothels, massage parlours, baths houses and fighting pits. Their architecture more ostentatious and exotic than the next, each trying to outdo the other and catch the pleasure seekers eye. Bursts of colour can be seen meandering throughout as gawdy courtesans opportunistically work the crowd, taking advantage of the heat to expose an extra bit of bosom, and taking advantage of the cramped quarters to press into potential patrons. High above, gaggles of courtesans dangle themselves lethargically over the balconies of grandiose pleasure houses that line the great paved promenade that caves its way through the district, caterwauling down upon the crowds below. Each attempting to entice their audience inside. Revellers pack around all manner of entertainers and street performers that fill the paved promenade that carves through the district. Ranging from musicians and magicians dealing in parlour tricks to the finest singers and exotic dancers, their size indicative of the quality of the street performers. Each, attempting to entice their audience into the establishments and make some coin. Various stands set themselves up towards the roadside or down alleyways as merchants seek to capitalize upon the good spirits by vending assorted foods and drinks.   Found to the west gate of the The Grand Bazaar, Ajmathi, the Orisha District is perhaps one of the most infamous quarters of the Ithen'drel of Rie'shae. A place that satiates desires of the Dral'azie, a people well known for their hedonistic appetites.
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