Monster Slayer

Throughout the land, from the high peaks of Empyria to the depths of the vast depths of the sunless realms, strange and ferocious creatures can be found lurking in every corner. Some are harmless and benign beings, others are terrifying monstrosities that wreak destruction and plague communities. Every society throughout Evalaws long and turbulent history has had to contend with a myriad of fell things that go bump in the night and snatch away livestock and prayed upon their loved ones. This gave rise to the myths and legends of heroes and champions who sought out and slew savage beasts and demonic abominations of momentous feats of daring and courage that have been passed down through the ages.   However the stark reality of what it means to hunt down and slay monsters wreaking havoc on the good people of this world is another story. In truth, being a monster slayer is a thankless task. Despite this a long history of romanticism, the vast majority of slayers are mercenaries who hunt down a target that pays well, not heroes at all. Most couldn't care less about the communities torn apart and plagued by such things, so long as they have the coin they'll put a knife in its throat. The motivations of such individuals can vary greatly. No one hunter has pursued this path for the same reason. Many taking up the cause having suffered great losses at the hands of such fiends, or wishing to simply to protect others from the dangers of these monsters. Then there are those whom have sought it out for selfish reasons, plain profit, becoming little more than a bounty hunter. Or for their own pleasure, choosing to hunt dangerous monsters just to prove that they can, or to earn admiration from the crowd, regardless of the collateral damage they cause.   Despite their individual raison d'etre, the presence of monster slayers throughout every society, noble or ignoble alike has been something consistent throughout history, and one that is seldom recognised outside of the heroic deeds of myth and legend.
Alternative Names
Monster Hunter, Slayer
Famous in the Field


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