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The Children of Reishala.

The Arshinus own genesis myth exalts them as being the ancestors of the primordial elementals, born from the first flame; the first children of the volcano goddess Reishala, and inheritors of the fire god Infủs. A race of undying strength and stamina so long as their life flame burns strong and pure. They are elementals, similar in size and stature to most humanoid creatures comprised of Flame and living Ash; Made of smooth, living black stone known as a "mantle" with graceful features. Their inner fire blazes through the crowns of their heads and emanates through cracks in the joints, features and shoulders. Not one looks identical to the other, each emanates their inner flame in a different and unique manner to them.  

Arshinus physiology

Originally the appearance of Gender in Arshinus society was nonexistence, they were an androgynous people during centuries of isolation. It was only until their interactions with other races that they became aware of these gender differences. At first this had very little effect on them as a society, but the change in appearance became an effect more akin to osmosis. As both genders subconsciously generation after generation emulated the outsiders they had encountered by altering the shape of their mantle. As such, the younger generation emulated the older. Eventually creating the aesthetic differences between gender. As such it has struck up a debate by theologians whether Arshinus true doe have a specific gender, or if it is one that they assume as they grow and mature over the course of their life cycle.
The most noticeable physical change was the facial construct of the mantle. Bumps to represent noses became visible, and ridges to represent lips, eyelids and the brow became more prominent generation after generation. These were non-essential to them physically before. The complexions of females become more softer and defined, more what one would expect from the feminine features of an organic creature. The males on the other hand became broader and harsher in comparison. Physical developments such as larger, broader physiques in males and formation of breasts and more curved figures in females also have occurred. These vary from Arshinus to Arshinus and are fundamentally reflections of outside influences, that have transcended across Arshinus society unwittingly.
To Distinguish one's self and their heritage, some have taken to family and personal markings that are symbolic upon their person. These appear in a variety of different ways, from extravagant jewellery, to markings painted or even scoured upon their very mantle, usually on the sides of the face and arms. They are very individual and personal to each Arshinus and rarely does one Arshinus have the same markings as another.

Arshinus can change in appearance depending on their mood, entering various 'fired up' states that relate to the life flame that flows fourth from their mantle. Different emotional states dictate how ignited this flame can become dependent on mood or situation. Depressed or morose Arshinus have a very dim flame with not much substance to it. A normal calm temperate Arshinus has a calm ebbing flame with no real noticeable difference to it. While an individual that is angry or passionate burns brightly their flame growing and burning forth.  


Their communities are centred around the ancestral flame, a great living fire that is typically at the heart of the Enclave. In a very literal and figurative sense. This Flame is where all life of these communities come from, each Arshinus is born from their ancestral flame, and when they perish so too much they return to it. When two Arshinus wish to procreate it is very different from other "Organic" creatures. A Arshinus will take a piece of their own life flame; the essence that resides within every Arshinus. This will be place with the Flame of their mate, should the flame conjoined into one, it is taken to the ancestral flame and kindled. From this, a new Arshinus is born. However, the process is not always successful, it is up to the will of Infus whether the union of these life flames is worth enough to let a new Arshinus will take form. This process is known as 'kindling'. To a Arshinus, their bloodline or 'kindling' as they refer to it, is the most sacred thing to exist within their culture and traditions. They are born of fire, and when they are nearing the end of their life cycle, and their life flame is diminishing, they return and reunite with the their ancestral Flame. Most Arshinus accept this fate fully, returning to their kindling site once their life's flame is nearing its end, giving back their spark of life to the eternal flame that Infus granted them.

Arshinus are by nature a very adventurous and curious people, exploring and discovering new things, yet shying away from interaction with outsiders. This is due to the xenophobic attitudes they have cultivated over centuries toward peoples that are not their own; and this being no real fault of their own. Their past dealings with other races have always lead to deceit, disaster and ultimately betrayal. Therefore it's seen as better to keep to themselves and their own communities, and are persuaded by the priesthood to have as little to do with the outside world as possible. Attaching a stigma to those who would dare to. Those Arshinus that have become traders and venture outside of their Enclaves and settlements are considered peculiar, those accepted among their own they're seen as a little odd. Worse still are those living away from, or even raised outside the communities are treated with scepticism and suspicion almost like they are an outsider themselves by their own kin. Arshinus have grown to harbour a bitter resentment toward Aushurie, goddess of sunlight and her followers. It was she who usurped Infus throne, casing him from the sun and vanquishing his daughter into the primordial magma of the underworld. Infus god of the Eternal flame and Reishala goddess of the crucible, the venerated deities of Arshinus society.
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