Here's a list of people who have played and/or are currently playing characters in this story, and their characters.
An *asterisk for a player denotes an Architect of the experience.
An *asterisk for a character denotes that they are PIP (Played In Person)  

Beatrix Livesey-Stephens / Bea / temporal bee

Leena Thornsilk
You can also find Kas at Teatro Vivo You can also find Sarah on Spotlight

Jennifer Lunn / Jen / jensomelunn

Florence 'Flo'*

Rebecca 'JustRMJ' Manson Jones

Twin, one
Twin, the other one
You can also find Chloe at Roll Flip Draw, Twitter You can also find Leann on Spotlight, Instagram, Twitter

Wendy O'Mahoney

Glory Fernworthy

Mark Stevenson

Rowan Skylark*
You can also find Mark at Teatro Vivo You can also find Jenifer at, Twitter


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