Olivia Sparrowhawk*


Created and played by Kas Darley
Miss Sparrowhawk is Skylark Island's only full-time schoolteacher, in the primary school which is the only official school on the island.   Just a handful of children go to it: maybe five or so of them, up to the age of 11. Miss Sparrowhawk teaches them every subject. Her daughter Saskia, who is 4 years old, also attends.   The Sparrowhawk family has been on the island for generations; as long as anyone can remember. As a child, Olivia was always keen to leave the island. Her first job was looking after the young children on the island: she ran the creche, and was babysitter to Elizabeth Skylark.   But Olivia wanted more for herself, so at about the age of 20 she went to a university on the mainland - something very few people have done - and gained a teacher training qualification.   After about ten years, she returned to the island somewhat unexpectedly. She was pregnant, but brought no partner back with her. No-one really knows what happened.   Once back, she determined to open the first school. It's located slightly out of town. Memorable events at the school include the time a big storm forced the children to stay there overnight in the care of Miss Sparrowhawk.   Being two single parents, there are usually some rumours and expectations around Olivia being romantically involved with Rowan Skylark.
The School (red pin)


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