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The Breed

August 6th 2338

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The year is 2338. Humanity has colonized a dozen different star systems beyond our own. The setting is the moon Eurydice, orbiting the gas giant Orpheus, located just 11 light years from Earth. Eurydice was chosen for settlement because it is high in rare natural resources, in particular, Polynusium, a highly durable metal used in starship hulls and is of interest to the the Solar Commonwealth. The moon is largely unexplored beyond the north pole, where the vast majority of the 120,000 colonists live. You are a soldier of the 3rd Expeditionary Force and this is your first tour away from Earth, your home.   The bulk of the force was called to reinforce a major military operation in a neighboring star system, leaving behind just a skeleton crew to hold down the fort. After all, the planet's inhabitants have no quarrel with your kind, what's the worst that could happen? You are part of that crew, a member of the 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment. Most of the men in this regiment, including you, are replacements for heavy casualties suffered during the Siege of Ivargad, one year prior. You've never had to fire your weapon in anger. The 1st Regiment's headquarters on the moon is Fort India, surrounding by thick woodland and hidden between tall imposing mountains. While the rest of the Expeditionary Force is millions of miles away, your unit is stuck here, on garrison duty.   Did I mention the 1st Battalion is made up of prisoners who would otherwise be rotting away in prison if they weren't "volunteered" for conscription? Your unit is segregated from the rest of the regiment, your comrades are rapists, serial killers, drug dealing hoods and other criminal scum. You are part of a squad of thirteen men and women, sentenced for 'high treason' and in the eyes of your superiors, there is no greater crime. Between the psychopaths of the penal battalion and the overly zealous guards, there aren't many allies so you will have to rely on either your own wit or build trust with the rest of your squad and work together if you want to survive.