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The Anomaly

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The planet is not too much diferent from earth, slightly smaller with a small but closer moon. They are orbiting around an orange star along other planets, none of them inhabitable.   The planet inhabitants are human-sized creatures result of a mix of human and bug DNA. There are two kinds of races: the gregarious ones, like ants and bees, who form advanced societies and construct organized cities and the solitary kind, like spiders or beetles, who live like hermits, wander around or at most, form small familiar clans. Some others, like locusts, tend to form nomad comunities, usually focused on raiding.   Also there are beings know as beasts: drakes, rocs, krakens... enhanced versions of the natural predators of earth bugs. This powerful beings are very dangerous and can be devastating when found. Fortunately, are not that common.   Another phenomena are the Anomaly , people who born with an special power called "The Gift". Anomalies usually bypass a lot of their species limitations and are destined to greatness and legend. They often rally folk from different species under its banner and they bless their descendants with minor versions of their god-like abilities , creating powerful empires. Unfortunately, these empires don't last long as the gift stops being inherited when the anomaly dies and the unity of its followers collapses when the leader dies.

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