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Bestiary February 2023

After a few weeks of licensing scares and a lot of work, I decided (in the very last minute) to do this challenge! Throughout the month I've already made a bunch of beast related content for my world but now it will all come together here on the last day of the challenge.


I started out by listing all the prompts, a few of them sparked my interest, but not all, so I just went with what I was vibing with. Pretty quickly I found out I wanted to do more with an item I did before: the 'Breastplate of the Azure Fury. A piece of armor inspired by the mythical thunderbird. Items to conjure animals were also something I wanted to look into, as well as a druidic subclass. Apart from that, I just went where my inspiration and the prompts took me.


I managed to a few beast related pieces of content out, admittedly, most of it is related to the 'Mythical' prompt with the Thunderbird theme as well as the Druidic Circle of the Sun . The Plainstalker's Cloak is of course inspired by the last prompt on the list 'Stalk'. I think I could've done way more, I wrote down so many ideas, and have a lot of things in my lists of content ideas that would fit the challenge, but sometimes it is what it is. Usually I'd be busting out as much content as I can in a challenge, but for once I didn't go overboard, and I think that is alright!


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