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Bella Beans

These beans grow all over the world and are a treat that can go well with almost any type of food or dish. They might be slightly different from place to place, but they're all good beans.   The bella bean is a vegetable that most commonly grew on the edge of humid forests. The pale green seed pod resembles an elongated bell. Each pod holds around nine to fifteen beans Wild bella beans have a deep orange colour and have a slightly sweet taste. Since being domesticated, the beans have a far brighter orange colour and a much more sweeter and sugary taste. Apart from slight variations in color, taste and pattern, the size and shape of the bean differs across the world as well.   Bella Beans are used in a variety of ways. Their primary use is for the fabrication of Bell Sugar which is created by steaming the beans for a prolonged time and boiling the syrup that the beans secreted. Boiled, the beans go very well with savory red meats. Boiled, mashed and spiced the beans are used as filling in cakes and cookies. Alternatively the mashed beans can be combined with spices and fresh herbs, this mixture is then formed into patties and cooked as a vegetable burger.
Alternative names
Sweet Beans
Bell Beans


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