"Me? No-how could it be me? I don't even want to be Thotthä! Choose someone else!"

"I can't, you glow the brightest, my child. All hail the new Vokhitha."
— a young Pakú who just found out they are the Arcane heir and the new Vokhitha.

With power comes great responsiblilty, responsiblity some desprately crave while others beg not to be thrust upon them. The Vokhitha is next in line for the Tublian throne, waiting in viceral anticipation for their own chance at leadership.


The Vokhitha is chosen when the eldest Pakú or Qöjô turns 16 and all of them are tested to see who is part of the arcane line. The Arcan Heir is then taken to the Black Chamber for an entire day, learning from the leaders of the past and preparing themselves. When the 24 hours is up, they ememerge, often more somber and grown than when they went in. A silver circlet is placed on their brow, glittering with hanging gems and metal, matching braclets placed around their wrists to signify their bond to the nation they are now preparing to serve.


Durring their time as the Vokhitha, they are reponisble for learning and preparing as much as they can for the throne. This includes custimarily taking on some of the responsiblilities of the Thotthä, sitting in on meetings and confrences, helping prepare and check on the people.

Many also accompany the Thotthä on their trips around Tubl to familiarize their face with the people and to get to know the people themselves.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Ku Vokhitha
Equates to
The Vokhitha is almost identical to the crown prince or princess in eastern cultures, as well as the maneish Athis
Source of Authority
Length of Term
From 16 to the coronation
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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28 Dec, 2020 18:39

Oo it's really interesting that they are chosen, even if they don't want to be. It must be an interesting transition for them.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
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Definitely shocking in many instances. Power goes to the most worthy.

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