Partner. Supporter. Adviser.

This is what the Tuztha is. They support their Thotthä to the best of their ability, being a shoulder to cry on, a voice of reason, an extra pillar to rest the weight of the nation on.

While the Thotthä, Vokhitha, Pakú, and Qöjô are all born into the life, the Tuztha willingly chooses is, joining through marriage to the leader, to their leader. They step into their role, accepting all their responsibilities with an open hand, simply for love.

Expectations And Role

A Tuztha is expected to stand beside their partner, their Thotthä, in every instance. This does not mean agree with them on everything they do. Part of standing with someone is to challenge them and their ideas, helping them refine them to something better.

They give advice when wanted and sometimes when unwanted if they believe it is needed. In many situations their word holds the most weight out of the council, their opinions heavily leaned upon in times of crisis.

They run the royal household, taking care of internal affairs while their partner deals with the external. Any workers in the palace turn to the Tuztha, not the Thotthä, when in trouble. In fact, this has become such a tradition that many view the Tuztha as a protector of workers. Whether or not that protection extends to Slaves is still under debate, though most don't think so.
Nobility, Household
Form of Address
Ku Tuztha
Source of Authority
The Thotthä
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
What most people don't know about the Tuztha is they are also the head of covert and intelligence operations. It's them that learn about other nations, seeking out their weaknesses and playing on their strengths, bring back the information to their partner to use in war plans and alliances, making sure they always have the upper hand when dealing with outsiders.


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31 Dec, 2020 15:05

Aww I like the sound of the Tuztha. I like that they are the ones that workers in the palace turn to.

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Thats nice, I really like this role. Its the kind of person I'd want if I were to be a Thotthä.

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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.