The Tuukefæt is a low, flat boat made specifically for traveling the Moon and Jothi rivers. Its design was based off basic rafts but fortified for long distance travel. At firt they were laughed at for their speed and dumb appearance, but soon their transporting genius was realized and now they are the most common ship on most western rivers.

A large perk of this ship is that, once unloaded, this thip can be used as a mini market places, saving the seller the need to rent space for their booths in each city they visit.


The Tuukefæt either relys solely on the current to push them forward or on man-generated power, such as paddling. On each ship there are 25 benches on each side set up for the rowers. Usually there is only one rower per bench, but in ceremonial circumstances, high currents, or with extreamly weighty cargo 2, possibly even 3 people are tasked per bench.

Most rowers are assigned perminently to a single ship, moving up and down the many paths of the Iron River delivering cargo for the rest of their lives. Becasue of this and the labor aspect of the job, most rowers are Slaves unless in extream circumstances.


It's first incarnation was...not pretty. Nore was it recieved very well. Most looked like little more than a fortified raft and most sunk within their first year of sailing. Most wrote the idea off quickly, moving off to find other styles and shipd to deliver their produce and products. One Fierna family, however, though the idea was good and continued to work on it.

2 years later, it's next reincarnation did much petter than the first. Soon the family had made larger and more fequent deliveries up the river than any other farming family. Others soon bought their ships to deiver and sell their produce.

Many still mocked it for it's speed and occationally it appearance, refuring to it as the 'Turtle Boat' but it's benifits outweight its asthetic challenges. Many captains actually refure to their Tuukefæt as a 'turtle' or 'sloth' affectionately.
Turtle Boat
Common in the west, almost unheard of in the east
15ft from base to rail. If there is a compartment it is usually another 7-9ft of height but no more.
3 knots at most, but it usually coasts around 1.5 to 2 knots.
Complement / Crew
The crew consists of 10-15 members and a rowing force of at least 50 people, usually Slaves
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
maybe 5 passengers, up to 1500lb of cargo.


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