Tublian is a blanket term used to define all those who live in Tubl and even, to some extent, the Fire Planes. Since the Nation is so incredibly large, Tublians can be split up into many other, smaller groups, though most still define themselves as a Tublian at heart.

Tublians have often been referred to as the staple of the west, being the first image any outsider thinks of when asked. While Being Tublian carries a great deal of prejudice from practically everyone else, they carry a sense of pride with who they are.


Major language groups and dialects

The two most common languages are Common and Infernal, spoken widely from a young age. most other languages spoken are strictly regional, from small groups of Southern Draconic to different dialects of Dwarvish and Elvish.

Average technological level

While not the most technological, Tublians rely heavily on magical gains in all places of life, from agriculture to education to even cosmetology. It is not uncommon to see enchanted items preforming the same task technology in the East would, like lifting large objects and transporting goods through the desert. Magic is used to cool houses and change ones appearance to become more desirable as well.

Common Etiquette rules

Other Tublians and Friends

The Tublian people are incredibly welcoming to the people around them, making friends with everyone in the city, and even belong. Regular traders are welcomed with open arms and stories the moment they step into a place they are known, cups of cool, clean water and Malk Tea pressed into their hand to help stave off the heat. Ask for anything and its given freely with a smile and a promise to one day return the favor.

To withhold anything from a neighbor or friend is considered incredibly rude, an assault on their relationship. on the same line, calling someone a Tueng is a relationship breaker, especially if you treat them as such.

Outsiders and strangers

To an outsider, The people are cold, from their face to their gestures to their words. Have a problem? Fix it yourself. Need a drink? 5 silver pieces please. Everything is a fight, and everyone is wary of your presence in their city. This can even extend into a very hostile attitude, with harsh words and harsher actions. All the friendliness any Tublian may express towards each other is completely forgone on outsiders.

It is a rare occasion when an outsider is treated the same as a local, though once it happens it is a great honor, one that is not forgotten. If the trust given to you is broken, it will never be returned.

Common Dress code

In general, Tublian clothing is very loose and light, able to protect them from the sun while not completely baking them alive. However, in the case of most Tieflings and Fire genasi, who don't need protection from the heat, their clothing is much more revealing, with open shirts and high mid-drifts. In all occasions, the legs are covered in public, even while swimming if possible.

Art & Architecture


Almost all the architecture is built on blocky shapes and curved roofs. White walls decorated with hand painted tile, large arches and open stone courtyards where all sorts of things are found, from small market places to dinning areas.

Most houses have Beams made of dark stone to help support and hold up the ceiling. If the roof is not a dome of some sort it is completely flat with railings and easy access points, creating an upper villa or family space.


Plants are fond in most of the buildings, well cared for and lush, often with vivid desert flowers. Most buildings are decorated with bright carpets and blankets draped over windows and on the floor to place a barrier between the peoples feet and the floors. This leaves most buildings dark and thick, with Fyre Lantern burning in each room. Other decor, such as jeweled ropes, hanging plants, and lights are hung from the beams on top of the colored cloths.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Unless there is a more culturally specific custom desired by the deceased's family, their body is taken and delt with in one of two ways: Burial and Burning.


Burials always take place in the dead of night when the moon is almost directly overhead. The body is taken out into the desert, wrapped in black cloth and covered in Anipier near the face and wrists, the places of life. After a short recounting of their life, the body is then placed in the sands to be swallowed by the desert. Sometimes the body is lost and forgotten forever, while other times pieces of the burial cloth is found.


While used much more in northern Tubl, this practice has much more religious ties to it than burial. To burn the body is to return it to Vekeko in the end, completing the cycle of life. In every circumstances, the body is burned in Fyre, her special plant. Typically, burnings occur at noon when the sun is high and temperatures are brutal. The ceremony only last a couple minutes before the ashes are cast out into the desert winds.


Beauty Ideals

For their rarity, the cool colors, such as light blues and teals, even navy blues in some circumstances, are incredibly alluring. Blue eyes are something to hope for, either naturally or magically induced. On the whole, taller creatures are considered more alluring simply because it is unnatural.

Male beauty

Contrary to most western ideals, Men are usually expected to be more lithe and wiry, made of lean muscle and charismatic smiles. To most outsiders, Tublian men might appear effeminate, but in Tubl they are the peak of alluring.

Long draping clothes with deep V-necks and cinched waists are a common style, usually paired with tight trousers and high, leather boots. Most men also adorn themselves with as much jewelry as they can manage, with as many gold chains and glittering gems. Even their clothing is bright and colorful, drawing attention straight to their toned, hairless chests.

Female beauty

women are, in a way, more reserved than men, though not by much. Smaller ears are more attractive, adorned with all sorts of earrings and chains. Long hair, thick and straight, of a lighter color is extremely desirable, though exotic colors, like pink or green, are often worn as well. Their hair is usually styled in ornate patterns and braids, held up by jeweled pins and more golden chains if they can get their hands on them.

As for style, most women wear either long, light dresses with slim pants underneath or some sort of halter top and bottom that shows off their stomachs.

In addition to their abundance of jewelry or perhaps in place of it, Tublians often cover themselves in designs, either in tatoos and ink or with paint. Most stick to stylistic swirls that draw the eye towards their more desireable features though some tells stories though their paintings.

Gender Ideals

While, for the most part, there are 2 distance gender expressions in Tubl, there is little distinction between the two in actuality. Men are often the "bread winners" so to speak, working all day to bring money back to the family, but they also take care of the family whenever possible. In fact, it is often seen as a disgrace if they do not help their partner at home. In the same way, women take care of the family and nurture the children but they also are known for their incredible magical skills, going to school and working just as much as the men whenever possible.


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