For centuries, tieflings have been cast out, scorned, beaten, mocked, feared. All for a simple mistake made by their ancestors, a joke gone wrong that has influenced and shaped the way every other species sees them.



Tieflings ahve a typical humanoid build which comes from their human ancestry. They have all 10 fingers and toes, as well as the addition of a tail. Tieflings are of similar weight and height to humans, but on average are very slightly smaller and narrower. Adult males stand between 5'1" and 6'7", a mere inch shorter on average than male planar humans, while females are between 4'11" and 6'5", two inches shorter than the average female human in the same environment. Male tieflings weigh the same as male humans, commonly from 146 to 200 pounds, while females are some ten pounds lighter than female humans, usually from 136 to 190 pounds.   Tieflings are slightly slimmer in build than humans, with similar overall height and weight. Males usually stand between 5'0" and 6'8", and weigh from 124 to 280 pounds; while females stand between 4'7" and 6'3", and weigh from 89 to 245 pounds. However, a few tieflings outside these norms are known.

Facial Features

When it comes to facial features, their region and enviroment effect them just as much as they do human or elven features. They do tend to be similar, if not thinner tha


Teifling horns are as varies as the tieflings themselves. they cna be curled, striaght, spirelled, smooth, rough or segregated. They have have up to 3 bases and split off into multiple points. They can be asemetrical, semetrical, or a mix of the two.   Teiflings are very proud and protective over their horns, choosing ot decorate them as extravagantly as they can. There are jewelry stores made specifically for horn jewelry and piercings, or horn polish and dyes, permanent and temporary both.


Tieflings can be very cavalier when it comes to their hair. Like their horns, their hair texture, coloring, and styles can be infinitly varried.   Naturally, their hair has some form of curl too it. On the Globally Accepted Hair Texture charts, they tend to fall on the 2b-4a spectrum. There doesn't seem to be a species wide trend on how their wear their hair, or any common lenths.


There are a lot of different stories, rumors and assumptions over what colors are natural to a Teifling. Some say only different shades of red, some say only the shades demons come in since Tieflings are basically just lesser demons.   The Truth is much simpler. they can naturally come in any color that containers red in it, including the grey spectrum. Fully Black or White Tieflings are incredibly rare, but not impossible. Their horns are usually a few shades darker than than their skin tone, and their hair can vary wildly, but staying in the same color range as their skintones.

Dietary Needs


Tieflings are carnivorous, and they tend to have a strong capacity for heat and spices, rivaling a dwarf's in some occasions. They tend to perfer red meats to white, as well as deeply overcooked.   They readily consume bone, gristle, marrow, blubber, and blood. Tieflings have been known to drink mixtures of broth, oil, and sulfur. They can survive on unusual food, even ash, and can subsist on coal or inorganic rock for a time.   When it comes to vegtables and fruits, they do eat them, but only when cooked in some way. Raw vegitables tend to turn the stomach in some way, much like old milk or too much sugar might.

Toxic Foods

As with everything, there are some things a Tiefling just can not eat.
Holy Water
Holy Water, as well as anything blessed by a deity or Zii, tends to burn teiflings. now, in moderation, this can act just like a very intense spice that adds kick to their meals. out of moderation, injesting too much can be toxic and lethal to the tiefling.
While not as intense as blessed foods, salt actually has some burn to it. in this one cercumstance, the white people were right, salt does give it kick. To tieflings, salt is comparable to paprika.

Stages of Life






Averages and Statistics

Average Physique

Outside of the Asmdeus who somehow mangage to be tanks in every field of physical testing, Tieflings tend to be smaller, quicker, lither than the global standard. they have a high amount of dexterity and agility, as well as being naturlaly light on their feet. Some of the judges grumble that it makes sense for. A race of theives, liars, and murderes to be good at running away.

Average Intelligence

Apparently, they tend to be nimble of mind. Out of all the cognative tests given to those that showed up, tieflings performed well at multitasking and solving riddles, while long term memeory over big picture events looked weak. Math, also, appeared to be a weak spot, but when told about it, all of the tieflings laughed and shrugged.

Birth Rates

As of the First Total Continental Census , the percentage of teifling young that survive past infancy has declined rapidly everywhere else besides Tubl. This could have several causes, first and formost being the enviroment is noncodusive to tiefling young outside of the desert. this is, of course, what everyone reports.   the second, more plausible yet not talked about option is the societal abuse and inherent specisism focused on tieflings has an adverse effect on their young.

Death Rates

Deaths have been on a steady uptick since the age of blood. Unfortuneately, most of the deaths have been of unnatural causes outside of their home country. murders go unsolved and unpunished, leaving the perpetrators embolded for more violence.   as for natural deaths, these has been a decent decline, making those that stay in their country and away from foriegners have a chance for a long life into old age.

Geographic Distrobution


Tiefling culture is a strong, recognizable thing when compared against eastern nations or other species. Teifling culture and Tublian culture are deeply intertwinned, making the pair very similar when looked at briefly. They have similar beauty ideals and traditions, as well as a deep seated sense of pride at being who they are.   It also helps that Tublians happen ot mostly be Tieflings.

Naming Traditions

Male Names

Akmenos, Amnon, Barakas, Damakos, Ekemon, Iados, Kairon, Leucis, Melech, Mordai, Morthos, Pelaios, Skamos, Therai

Female names

Akta, Anakis, Bryseis, Criella, Damaia, Ea, Kallista, Lerissa, Makaria, Nemeia, Orianna, Phelaia, Rieta

Gender Identity

As naturally flamboyant as they are it makes sense that teiflings would have a more than fluid sense of gender. When it comes to presentation, it doesn't matter if it's masculine, feminine, nueture, or a jarring mix of them all, they are respected. infact, the term "trans" doesn't typically apply since that implys a cultural marraige between sex and gender, rather than gender being a choice of presentation separate to their birth sex.   In any case, they tend to have an androgenous feel to them anyway since Tieflings like to juxtapose behavior and looks. Those who present hyper femminine will often behave like a classic twink, while masc girl will be fighting in heels and nails. In the end, its rather confusing and, from an outside persepctive, impossible to guess.

Beauty Ideals

Tieflings are inherently flamboyant and it shows in their fashion sense. They rarely stick to the fashion trends of their host country when out of Tubl, choosing instead to be as obnoxious as possible when they can be.   In terms of clothing, they tend to stick towards darker colors with rich pigmentation. unlike Krekkonian gaudy flamboyance, Tieflings are more elegan in their ostentageousness. They pick fine matierials and fitted outfits to flatter their bodies, pairing it well with a tasteful amount of jewelry.   Being groomed happens to be a high priority to them, along with perfumes and oils to make them smell absolutely glorious.

Relationship Ideals

Groups are a large part of their culture. Family groups, friend groups, love groups. Social groups are a good marker of a tieflings place. they put a lot of weight on connections and relationships, keeping their friends close and their enemies not quite closer but definitly close enough.


Family groups start off large in general. most tieflings have multipul siblings widely spread out, as well as kids their parents 'adopted'. While they may not get along visibly, if one of their family is in danger, a tiefling will do anything to protect them.


Next comes their friend groups. Once being indocternated into a Tieflings inner circle of connections, htey are fiercly protected. friends share advice, troubles, rumors, and shoulders to cry on whenever they are needed. In small communities, if one tiefling knows something, the rest of them do too.   On the same vein, if a tiefling arrives in a plce where there are other tieflings, they will be immeadiatly included in their group for as long as they are in the area.   Still, getting into the inner circle is very difficult. being riddled with trickery and distrust, tieflings are fiercly protective creatures. They don't know who to trust most of the time, making friendships either surfase level only or incredible deep. there is little inbeween.


Romance is a loose concept in terms of marriage and settling down. Instead, it turns out to be...gang activity. polyamory is a common thing among teiflings, as is recreational sex between two teiflings of the same sex.   When a child is concieved, the whole group of devoted partners gathers around and supports them. Parents are chosen and sworn in through an oath of devotion under classical tiefling blood rites, but that doesn't stop the group from remaining fluid and open.


There doesn't happen to be a race specific language for the tieflings, but most usually know infernal or Tublian or both.

Dress Code

Cultural Heritage

Customs and traditions

Myths and legends

Interspecies Relations


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