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Threads in the Veil

It is well known that the Veil between this plane and the higher ones are as immoveable and unbreakable as the world is unfathomly old. the planes only intermingles with those nearest to them.   Mortal plane, the Deities, the Old Zii, Reapers, Spirits. Any communication through the viels is stilted and special, only happening at specific intervals and in choice locations where the veil is thinnest.   And yet....   People commonly report speaking directly to Biwwi, the Florik Deity of fighting and debate. There is written communication between Totu and some of his followers. Traveloers of all kinds find themselves in strange places after speaking to an old woman looking for her husband, later presumed to be Unn and Uch.   How could this be possible in a world with strict veils and defined separation?

Well? How?

The veils are not as firm and unchanging as Mortals tend to belive. Paths can be found leading back to it within a thread's bredth for those who know how to look and are capable of seeing.

Capable of Seeing

This is an important phrase. Much of the connection to the mortal realm from the Zii, old or not, is based on an understanding or relationship with the mortal realm in the first places. It's no wonder that all the unoffical communication is usually done through those who have a deep connection witht eh deity they are speaking with rather than some random person. This relationship keeps the Zii Tethered in a very real way to the mortal plane, allowing access to it with more ease than those that have severed all ties completely.

Different Types of Communication


Official Communication are the threads that can never be severed, no matter how disconnected a zii is from the Mortal plane. These were set up specifically for them to communicate with people no matter their beliefs or faiths.


The most well known form of offical communication. Conduits are people with the give of devine fortitude. Basically, it means any Zii can speak through them, temporarily taking their body as their own personal mouthpiece to deliver any sort of message they may need too. Typically, Conduits are only called on in times of great peril.


While working in a very similar capacity to Conduits, Prophets are those who see the future, usually in dreams but also during the day. Visions are gifted by a Zii and, while not precises, hold all the tools needed to ensure the future is a good one, given the Prophet knows how to interpret them.

Unofficial Communication

While there is an offical path Zii can take, there are always those who slip through the veil on their own time, following their own threads.


This one actually relies more on the follower than it does the Zii in question. If there is enough belief, enough devotion, the Zii can follow that thread down to the mortal plan and directly interact. Usually, Its the deities who are belived in, but it can work some of the other, older Zii too if there is a storng enough thread.


If a Zii has a strong enough memory with a physical place, they can visit it in a real way. It is easier for the deities as they have only been gone from the mortal plane for some 1600 years. They have not yet fully left and forgotten what it means to be alive. Some of them cling to their humanity and walk the earth almost excusivly, while other are trying to let it fade. they are seen less than the others, slowly drifting further and further away from the mortal plane.


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Aug 3, 2023 03:13 by Deleyna Marr

Nice way you worked communication into this!

Aug 6, 2023 04:31 by Vivianne Morena

I love how many different ways you've given as possibilities to reach through the Veil. It feels like there is something for everyone!