Thottha Straight

The Thottha Straight. The best kept secret of the West. This drink is almost never on any menus but served in almost every bar if you know what to ask for and if you look like you need it. Some well meaning barkeeps might even give one to a customer if they think they need it. This drink provides the much needed strength and courage that all warriors and stupid people need to live out their day.

It got its name in honor of their leader, the Thotthä. Its a common running joke that those who drink it are as brave and powerful as a Thotthä and that the Thotthä must drink one every morning with their breakfast. In fact, that is one of the reasons Gold Dust is then added on top, a quiet nod to wealth.

Manufacturing process

The first step always includes a long conversation with a sad looking individual. The next step is to hold the converstaion, slowly pouring the concentrate into the container and adding the water slowly, completely engrossed in the conversation. Once the liquids are added the drink is slowly shaken, with a repetative circular motion. After about a minute, a glass is then pulled out and the mixure drisled overtop till it reaches the brim. The dust is then sprinkled on top and slid over to the patron. After that the barkeep typically leaves them to their thoughts.


Some Tublians consider knowlegde of this drink a proof of being Tublian. In any case, most every good story begins with the main character knocking back a glass and proceding to do something incrediably brave and incrediably stupid, like hunt a Sphinx.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
While this drink is not exactly rare, it is hard to get ahold of if you have never had it before or don't know anyone who has. Even then it can be incrediably hard to get it in a new place.
Base Price
7 gp
Raw materials & Components
  • Gin Water concentrate (about 10x more powerful)
  • half a cup of water
  • Ice
  • some gold dust is avaliable
  • a, preferably, crystal glass.
To mix this drink you need a 1 liter container, a glass, preferably made out of crystal if you ask the drink snobs, and a lasting conversation.


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