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The Outlands

While the rest of the world does classify The Outlands as their own region in the world that is not to be messed with, it hardly fits under what would constitue as a nation of any kind. Instead the outlands are made and populated by different centenarian familial tribes. These tribes are ancient and very interconnected and very invested in the accumulation or knowledge. They gathered together in 599 to declare the land their and off limits to outsiders without explicit permission. This also allowed them to make consistent external treaties to bring in external products. Other than these purposes, the Outlands don’t necessarily function like a country. More like a collection of people groups that coexist and seek shelter from the rest of the world. Technology has no place in the Outlands, and it never will. The outlands is a place of magic, pure and simple. Astronomy, alchemy, divination. Each of these originated from the original centaur families.


These people look to the past and to their surrounding to determine their future. They are ritualistic and true to their word.


While the Centaurs have lived her since before they can remember, they only realized the benefits of uniting under one name during the chaos of the Blood age when Talmanie began slaughtering her way through the upper hemisphere.

Demography and Population

All kinds of centaurs and lost wanderers looking for shelter. Country is mainly compromised of centaurs or all types, each spreading to different parts of the Abhalzh  depending on their environmental needs. The wanders usually find and stay with the tribe they find first, trading knowledge for safety.


They have claimed their ancestral land after it was taken from them by The Frozen Empire. Once everything fell, they fought to take it back, dismantling everything the Ice Queen built on their lands.


All of the Outlanders know their way around a spear, as well as both defensive and offensive magics. Their main foe right now is from Calgery, though many centaurs never have to fight.


While its not exactly a religion, Outlanders often pull their wisdom from the stars and celestial bodies. From them they bring guidance and power, basing many of their spells and potions off of the heavenly dance.

Foreign Relations

The outlands are a generally mysterious people but they are friendly enough. They have the strongest relationship with the Fea seeing both are fully entrenched with magic and their heritages are fully magical. The rest are only tolerated for what they can give. They don’t trade with the Tieflings because of some large discretions in their races past, and they don’t accept anything from slavers or slave owners.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Clan
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
They trade in either knowledge or resources, having no need for money.
Legislative Body
Each family tribe makes its own rules and determines who does what within themselves.
Judicial Body
Same as who makes the rules, those who enforce them are determined by each tribe for themselves.
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Myths


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