The Impassable North

The impassible North a a specific section of mountains in eastern section of the Northern mountains that are several mountains thicker than the rest of the range. This section is in a triangle formation give or take that stretches down towards the Golden Mountain and separates the Naish luu from the Klæ  


Unlike the majority of the Northern Mountains, these mountains are relatively warm. There are all sorts of different trees, mosses, and strange, unique flowers that grow in its many nooks, crannies, and level hills. Each specifies is a strange hybrid of natural mountainous flora and magical mutations cause by its proximity to the Naish luu. This creates a beautiful, vivid mountainside that shifts and changes as often as the sky, with thousands more colors.


Just like the Flora, there are all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures that live in these mountains, most left undiscovered and wonderful. Many greatly resemble those that love in the Naish luu, while others seem more comparatively normal. In any case, they are almost all vivid colors to fit in with their surroundings and hid among the many luminous flower fields.

The Past

Unknown to the rest of the world, hidden deep in the center of the Impassible North is a strange civilization cut off from the rest of pangella: The Hidden City. The city was first built by and for Avians, but since their extinction all known access points to the city have been erased, effectively isolating this civilization completely. As far as anyone who still remembers it’s existence knows, the city is completely abandoned, probably being reclaimed by the mountains it was carved out of.   Yet, there are still rumors that someone lives there, alone and dangerous, in the unreachable heart of the mountains.
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