The Hooks

The Hook family is a well known and incrediably powerful family, both politically and magically. At this point, all the most powerful nations, such as Gra Uje, The Triad, and, suposedly, Desshniety are under their control. Even The Frozen Empire was led by a Hook, the Ice Queen herself.

They are readily regarded as a magical powerhouse, their Arcane Line Both feared and desired. Many people have pretended to be a hook if only so others will believe them powerful, but this has often backfired since the Hooks are hated throughout Pangella.

Public Perception

Most think the family is cursed in some way, either to die or cause pain and suffereing where ever they go. They aren't wrong.

Someone once said, "To be a Hook is to be evil." while not inherently true, the evidence seem to match up with it. Many people joke that if there were 4 of them, the children, they would be the 4 horsemen sent to destroy the 5 Shudake and everything in it.

There is little respect left for this family, repaced in its entirety by fear. Fear of power, fear of their mother, and fear of their reputation. Each and ever one of the children have commited some kind of geneside at this point, showing absolutly no regrets for it as well. With the Ambrosious' missing (murdered some say), there is no one left to keep them in check.  


People have been watching the Hooks since the moment the Ice Queen took the throne in the north, slowly inching outwards. At first there was nothing interesting to tell. She and her 3 children were powerful to be sure, them going to the best magical shools and excelling in everything put infront of them.

Malcouf could make anyone love him, dispite his arrogant attitude and stuck up oppionons. People just found themselves drawn in, dazzed almost.

Morgana was brilliant, always asking the questions no one else would, piecing together histories and facts from the smallest pieces of information. Everyie believed she was going to reverse The Great Forgetting, bringing back all their memories.

Diomettees might have been a touch strange, but nothing overly damning. In fact, to many people, his oditites were what made him lovable.

Their mother, the Ice Queen, was not nearly so enjoyable as her children, but they humanized her for a while, leading others to believe she really did have the empires best interests in mind.

Besides, they all stayed pretty close to the Ambrosious', a family all knew and loved. Until they didn't.

Overnight things turned sour, with no explaination. Malcouf left, Diomettees disappeared, and Morgana spiraled, leaving the queen alone to insight terror on those who would oppose her.

Political, Family
Successor Organization
Family Leader
Parent Organization
What most people don't know is the Ice Queen had a 4th child, one out of wedlock. This child was kept away from prying eyes, either locked up in the castle or in a secret location further into the mountains. The servants who knew of her all died the same night Malcouf left and the Queen began her campaign. No one now knows their name, no one except me, that is.

Those that do know of them, of which there are precious few, fear the rumors might be true. That this family, these people who have been a blight on society with their terror and carnage, might actually be the ones sent to destroy the 5 Shudake.

Some wonder if they are waiting for something, others say they these rumors are rediculous and leave, not listening to the quiet voice in the back of their mind whispering "What if?".

The Black Sheep

As far as anyone knows, the only member of this family that isn't dark and evil is Sinclare, The Ice Queen's husband. Of what little they saw of him, he was always kind and gentle, liked by Taliesin Sr. Ambrosious and a well meaning man. No one is sure what happened to him, however, as it seems he has been erased from the history books entirely.


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