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Talis Ambrosious

Talis Hook- Ambrosious

Talis Hook Ambrosious is the eldest child of Taliesin and Caris Ambrosious, wife to Malcouf Hook, and mother of Taliesin and Isadora.



Talis takes after her father in a lot of ways, but she carries herself with the same poise and grace as her mother. Her hair is just as vividly red and curly as Taliesin Sr., even as a young child--which is part of the reason they named her after him. Like her mother, she had pointed features due to her Elvish blood, along with sharp eyes, thin brows, and a long, slim nose. unlike her mother, she does very little to soften her appearance.


This is where her mother's influence is most obvious. Talis loved long dresses and elegant jewelry. She was nowhere near as extravagant as her mother, but most people could tell she comes from money and opportunity. Looking appropriate and good are very important to her, with specialized outfits for each occasion, although she usually ends up slightly overdressed simply because not everyone else cares as much as she does.
Typically, she prefers to keep her hair half down, either in long, beautiful braids or a twisted ponytail of some kind.



Like most other Eldest children, Talis had a firm sense of responsibility, one that only strengthened as she became a mother. She is the one who was often left to corral her siblings into obedience when her parents were too busy--rare as the occasion may have been-- or overwhelmed with work. It's actually her sense of responsibility that first led her to connecting with both Morgana and Malcouf, the eldest's of their family.  

Book lover

She was often considered the most book smart of her family, taking after her father in that regard. While he liked rare facts, Talis showed more promise in Magical studies. While living with Malcouf, Talis put together an impressive library, one even her father would have approved of.  


She showed the same skill in navigating politics and people as her mother, much more than her siblings. She was the child that stood and represented the family when needed, finding it interesting to talk with different people and figure out how to understand them.


Early Life

Talis was born on Rhoodnit Tuurnaline, 12th of Diamon, 118, and she was the perfect baby. Quiet, polite, curious, sleeping when she was supposed to, learning all the necessary things far earlier than average. To say her parents were both thrilled and relieved would be an understatement.   She became a big sister a year later when Merlin was born, although she didn't understand it yet since she was still so small. For the longest time, she assumed Merlin was some strange creature that would leave as quickly as he came.   However, once she figured out Merlin was here to stay, she instantly warmed up to him. She took her responsibilities as an older sister very seriously, making sure Merlin was comfortable and entertained where ever he went, even to the point of spoiling him. In return, he absolutely adored her.   2 years later on Adentvyrn Tazanit, 18th of Zyrkon, 121, Jillian was born and Talis did not take to her nearly as quickly as she did Merlin. Even as a baby, she pushed against her authority, screaming at all times of the night.   Out of all her siblings, Talis spent the most time with her father, curled up in an armchair reading large books and discussing what they said for long hours into the night.


Talis attended the Royal Greenis Academy, entering the same class as Diomettees Hook. She did well, earning straight A's and having the time of her life learning along with the other kids.   In high school, she gravitated to the elder Hooks, specifically Malcouf. He helped her on a few of her assignments and she helped him with his duties as crown prince. from there a friendship bloomed. A friendship everyone around them knew was meant to be something more. Even Jillian knew, and she was by far the most oblivious of them all.   They officially started dating when she was 16, having been completely enamored with each other for 2 years already.


After dating for 7 years, The pair finally got married. It was a huge event, practically half the city had been invited, either because they knew them or it was expected of a royal marriage. Soon after, they moved to Desshniety, Malcouf taking on the position as ambassador to Husk and Catalina.

Life at Court

As an ambassador's wife, Talis was expected to mingle with the other nobles, as well as make connections between their nations. She did a surprisingly good job, and much of their social status is actually devoted to her. While Malcouf was good at strategy, it was Talis who made their life at court so pleasing, even befriending Catalina and opening the door for her husband to make his own friendship with the King and Queen.


In 167, Husk died, leaving the throne empty. With his dying breath, he declared he was passing the throne off to his closest friend and trusted advisor, Malcouf .   Bowed with this great responsibility, Malcouf took the throne, and Talis took her place by his side as Queen. Together they rule kindly, with her personable nature and his natural affinity to leadership from being the son of the Ice Queen, Empress of The Frozen Empire. The people loved them, and yet their lives did not feel complete.

Wanting a Child

Both Malcouf and Talis found they wanted a child of their own, both having grown up in large families, their little couple didn't feel complete. And yet, after 2 years of trying, nothing. Talis went to a specialist, seeking advice on how to conceive only to discover she was barren. Heartbroken, she told the news to her husband. He went quiet, then disappeared into his office to think. She was left alone with her grief, with the loss of a child she could never have.   Malcouf returned a week later, holding a glittering bottle, promising they could still have a child. Trusting her husband, Talis drank the potion. A month later, she discovered she was pregnant.


On Alxandret Agte, 34th of Cityne, 170 Talis gave birth to twins, a girl and boy. They named their eldest Isadora, meaning 'gift of the moon' because she was a gift to them, her life more precious than anything else. They named their son after Talis' father, Taliesin since both of them loved and respected him greatly.   She had thought having children would fulfill her completely, that and the love of her husband, and yet, while she held them in her arms, he grew distant. She did not know it yet, but their children had come with a price, and Malcouf paid it willingly. She would come to know it soon.

Beginning of the End

over the next couple years, the man she knew withered away, leaving only a hungry, driven, cruel man in his wake. Malcouf turned abusive, obsessed with the idea of a perfect heir, pulling Taliesin into his twisted desires, grooming him from a young age to be exactly what he wants and punishing him when he couldn't. Talis tried to step in, only for his ire to fall on her and Isadora. Talis was left helpless, unable to protect both of her children.

Escape, at a price

Finally, after years of barely being able to hold both her children in her arms, Talis figured out a way to escape with them. she drugged Malcouf and ran in the dead of night, having found a ship that would defy the king and take them far away from Desshniety.   On their journey, a fierce storm arose, tossing the little ship around wildly, before smashing it to pieces on the waves. Talis drowned in those waves, the waves she hoped with all her might would be her children's salvation. She prayed to whatever deities could hear here that her life would be sacrificed for her childrens'.


Malcouf Hook


Towards Talis Ambrosious

Talis Ambrosious


Towards Malcouf Hook

Date of Birth
Rhoodnit Tuurnaline, 12th of Diamon, 118
Date of Death
Omyx Tazanit, 15th of Zyrkon, 177
118 177 59 years old
Circumstances of Death
Her ship wrecked while trying to flee Malcouf with her children.
Place of Death
the Maze
Malcouf Hook (spouse)
Pale, emerald green
Thick, curly red pulled back into a low, twisted ponytail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
smoothly tanned olive
Magic Level


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