Silfwe is a small village along the southern coast of the Nuoj Desert, pushed right up against the Waw Forest. While built like typical krekkonian cities, silfwe is noticeably quieter than the rest, their buildings using extremely refined and treated Waw Crystal in decorating and more sandstone than average. They are mainly known for their production of Silfys and Crysline squares, having many trade and protection agreements with all sorts of different organizations along the coast.  

The People

Most of the people who live here are actually Fairies, with only a couple Tabaxi along the outskirts to help with trade agreements and such. Typically, the people are kind, if a bit uncomfortable around strangers and outsiders.   Typically they are on the darker side, and the Fairies generally match their insectoid relatives on the area, while the Tabaxi have lighter and thinner fur patterns.  

Strange Effects

One thing that sets these people apart from other krekkonians is the strange holographic nature of their skin, pale and sparkling in the harsh desert sun. In some ways, it looks like Silfys is embedded in their skin. Whether this is from repeated exposure or another form of the Hollows, doctors are not sure, but the Silfwin doesn't show any other symptoms besides, perhaps, increased artistic ability, leaving most to not worry about it.

Creating the Silfys

Their role as the only long-term successful Silfys producers is what sets them apart from other small towns along the coast, bringing them financial security and a booming economy that depends on demand. For this reason, their refinement process has been kept secret from the outside world so as to protect their long-term monopoly.  

The Crushing Call

One aspect of their process, however, is quite clear: The Crushing Call. Once every harvest, when the raw Crystal is brought in, it must be crushed. During this time, the pieces are taken to the town center and hammered with an anvil by the local experts with cotton stuffed in their ears to avoid the Song. The rest of the Silfwins gather round and begin singing, playing instruments, and doing whatever else they can to make noise. This drowns out the enchanting Crystal song and supposedly protects the village from becoming a Hollows.
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Local Architecture

In typical krekkonian fashion, the village is built in a circular format, surrounding the city center. From there all the buildings are built in a radial pattern, much like Mystic stories are written.   The buildings are all built out of a simple pale sandstone, occasionally dyed with certain stone stains imported from Rasha. Most have a sheen to them that matches the skin of their owners, probably from the crushed Waw Crystal in the air embedding itself in the walls.   Any embellishments are fashioned locally out of overly processed Crystal that keeps it from making a tune when banged, poked, or tapped in any way, though the colors still shift and glow with internal luminescence.


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Another awesome article, though I dont have much to add. I like how you go in depth on their production of silfys powder, which I did have to look into to figure out what it was. It makes sense that being good enough to produce it well puts them on the map and allows the financial security they need to make the town prosper. Well done.

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Thank you so much!

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