Shaye Forest

The Oldest Forest on Pangella and arguably the most magical, besides Naish luu of course. These threes know more than you or I ever will. Their very essence is tied to Magic of the North. In the Shaye Forest, things run... differently. Here nature rule with an iron fist, rising above every possible intrusion and crushing it without a second thought. The frozen wind can turn from caressing to hostile in a moment. This forest is a living testiment to the saying.

"With lots of time, and a touch of magic, all things are possible"

Trees tower over the average man, more suitble to be faced by a giant than anything else. Homes and occasionally even small cities are burrowed into their roots or nestled under the large Mushrooms that have lingered here since before this time can remember. It is almost as if the depths Eden had forgoten their place and invaded the free world.


The entirety of the Shaye forest is nestled in a basin creted by the Lata Line,The Impassable North, and Brilens, leaving only its most southern boarder open. In the valley, for the most part, the earth is flat, covered in moss feilds and lichen patches as large as a city, only interupted by large tree trunks and roots. Mushrooms and felled Trees work together and make perfect places for villages and cities to be built. Thick foliage keeps the light soft and green, even if you climb the thousands of steps it takes to get to the top. At night, soft, glittering balls dance on the wind, making colorful patterns and dazzling shapes that sweep lazily through the trees.

The forest continues up into the mountain ranges, the trees getting smaller due to the lack of furtile soil and stagnant water and the desnity getting thinner for the same reasons. Still, the rocky slope does almost nothing to deter growth in general. They grow all the way up to the altitude line, making a thick, interwoven cover of leaves that protects the floor from any weather. From above, or from someone decending the Brilens it looks like a flat, wide expanse of snow streaching for miles, just like the Ice fields of beyond the northern mountains. This makes for a strange shock when you decend past the canopy and are met with lush, green floors and thriving plants.

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to the canopy and lack of weather, this entire area feels almost disconnected from the rest of time. It is unaffected by time passage, unchanging in the face of the North, making it the perfect home for the elves. Bears do not expirience hibernation, birds do not migrate, rivers do not stop or change directions. No, here all things are the same.

Localized Phenomena

Only in the Shaye Forest do the plants grow to such insane sizes, a phenomena casued by the Thræjuth. Any plants that interact with this kind of tree inherit its growth capacities through the transerence of liquids. This effect, thankfully, has not altered any animals or people who live in the area.   In this forest, there is also no rain as it is all stopped by the Thræjuth canopy. Instead, all water is gotten by tapping into the Thræjuth itself, using it like a plumbing system that brings clean water whereever it goes. In fact, any and all weather is stopped by the canopy, creating a green house effect for everything underneath that isolates them from the rest of the North. The only way you would know it is winter is the gentle bite and christ taste of the air under all the purfumes, especially deep into the Shaye.

Fauna & Flora


While the Elves call these trees Thræjuth but they are more commonly known as a Giant's Step This tree feeds and houses a wide assortment of other plants, including orchids, daisies, vines, ferns, and a staggering amount of Mushrooms. These plants are then affected by the Giant's Step and grow to matching heights, creating a forest suitible for giants and cyclopsi.


Unlike the plants, the animals stay generally the same size as anywhere else. This is one of the main differentces between the Shaye and Eden.


The forest has stayed relativly the same after all these years. Only one did it change, under the rule of the Ice Queen. With her power came the first and only winter this Forest has ever known. All the plants withered, succuming to the unbearable and unwelcome cold, animals left or hid, slowly learning to survive in the new, frozen wateland out of necessity. Still, the upper levels remained warm and jovial, but the forest floor was lost to her reign.  

The Thaw

In 577, the ice first started to melt. It was slow going at first and the local inhabitance couldn't believe it, not knowing anything else for over 300 years.   In 590 there were notible gaps in the ice coating the floor. Flowers started to spring up from the wet ground, the first pops of color to come naturally to this place in years.   In 612 all the ice had disappeared, the lush moss and lichen was steadily growing back and Greenwood finally came to terms with the end of their eternal winter, making way and provisions for a new summer.


People come to see the Thræjuth effect. However, they rarely stay long, still superstitious and bitter about what the Elves did durring the Ice Queen's reign. It truly is unfortunate that all its beauty stays hidden out of prejiduce.
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