Seeing pools

A series of glittering pools dotted along the Moon River. Like the Lunar pools, these pools are stunningly beautiful with clear, blue and teal waters that flow out into the rest of the river. These waters are locally known for their divination properties. When people drink from these pools or bathe in them, there is a higher chance of divination magic working. In fact, most Prophets Arcane Line came from this area.


Like the Lunar pools, the Seeing pools are a series of little springs that feed into the rest of the Moon River. Due to the natural rocky terrain of the area, most of these pools are on different levels and flow into each other through little waterfalls and streams. At the height of the day a kaleidoscope of colors glimmer in the air, dancing and twirling with predictions and glimpses of the future.

Many people claim this mist is prophetic on its own, and if you know how to look into it you are guaranteed knowledge of the future. Others think the mist is simply a marker of what could be, not what will. Still, others know all waterfalls cause mist and when you combine that with light it's going to cause some crazy beautiful refractions.

Weather Patterns

The Pools tend to stay rather steady in terms of temperature throughout the year. With the chill from the north battling against the raging heat from the west, the atmosphere tends to even out around 85 degrees F. The waters remain warm as well, heated by the time in the sun. Higher pools tend to be hotter while the lower, deeper pools keep their chill.   It doesn't rain much, nor do sandstorms make it this far north. The pools are often covered by a thick fog occasionally, especially in the morning or at night when the moons are dark.

Flora, Fauna, and Neighboring Cultures


Unlike their neighboring pools, All sorts of plants grow here, like Willyweed, Malk, Staunch weed, Moisac Plant, Whistle Reeds, and even Dwarf Buttons.


Willyweed is a form of seaweed that usually grows in warm water. It's rather slimy, and grows in large patches deep under the water. Once it dies, it detaches from its roots and floats to the surface where it's harvested. The cool bit it, after some strange dares and really bad cooking, People discovered Willyweed can give land creatures the ability to breathe underwater.


Seeing as Malk is a staple in Tublian culture, it makes sense to find it near by. While not extremely common, It's not rare to see clumps of Malk embedded in the pool rims or jut beyond the bank.

Staunch Weed

The rudamentory bandaid. Staunch weed can be found clinging to the wet rocks and hiding just inside little water-worn grooves. It's actually quite easy to find due to its natural red color even when wet. If looking to climb around on the waterfalls, patches of Staunch weed are a good place to put your hands and feet.

Moisac Plant

The Moisac Plant is probably the most common plant in the area, besides normal grass, moss, and an assortment of Wildflowers on the northern banks. The Moisac Plant grows along the banks, not in the water itself but just above it. Its diamond, mosaic-like leaves give the impression that the whole area is one big piece of artwork that really pushes its beauty.

Whistle Reeds

When the wind blows, as lightly as it may all the way up there, Whistle Reeds take over, filling the area with soft music. They grow mainly in the lower pools where there is more soil in the water instead of rock, but they can probably be found anywhere if you look hard enough.

Dwarf Buttons

Dwarf Buttons casually grow all along the earth, embedding itself in every other plant while almost taking over. It, like moss, make lounging in the area quite comfortable and really makes everything look quite picturesque.


Angaed Turtle

The Angaed Turtle is built for warmer weather and warmer waters, making the Seeing Pools a perfect home for them. They feed on the local Dwarf Buttons and live between the rocks and blue waters. Their vivid teal and dark aqua shells bled rather perfectly with the waters and the local wildlife.

Dawn Bugs

Dawn bugs migrated south from the Shaye Forest and Abhalzh to settle around these little ponds. Durring the day they sleep under leaves and in little burrows, but at nigh they take to the skies, softly glowing pink and yellow and orange; all the colors of the Dawn.

Glass Wyverns

Glass Wyvern swarms, while uncommon, can be found in the area if your quiet and patient. They occasionally come up from the Pach Groves to play in the waters and catch their fill of small, huntable animals. The swarms that spend time here are just as tricky as normal swarms, but these are noticeably shyer.

Shaye Toads

Shaye Toads, also known as Royal Toads, are the funniest little creatures. They have a habit of picking up moss and other low-growing plants on its back and wearing them like a cape. Due to its prolonged time in the Shaye Forest, these plants often show unusual sizes, completely swamping the little toad. Around the Seeing Pools, they can often be found with Moisac or Dwarf Buttons all over it's back.

Dragon Sparks

Dragon Sparks are a particularly annoying type of Fly. They live in the pool banks, hatching at dawn like clockwork. Thankfully, they aren't particularly harmful and they make a good snack for the toads and frogs, and spiders in the area. However, It's a good idea to try and keep extremely flammable things away from them because they are known to spontaneously combust on death.

Tuku Birds

Tuku Bird are mostly back with a gold stripe down its back and golden under feathers. These birds make their nest in the underbrush and have the uncanny ability to mimick speech. When people come looking for prophecies, these birds often speak up and recite old ones they heard before and people mistake their words for a Zii's.

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