Ryum Chyimon (Ri-um Chi-ee-mon)

The Ryum Chyimon, Ryum for short, are a nomadic group of typically Dunne Dwarves who travel the desert, wandering after Sand Worms to search through their remains, looking for jewels and gems that were left behind. Scavengers in nature, the Ryum have developed a keen eye for all that glitter, being more in touch with trade and the general values of the neighboring world.


  While still being, for the most part, Dunne Dwarves, the Ryum have grown and changed over time to survive the intense heat of the desert. Their hair is kept piled on top of their heads in complicated twists and braids, pinned using a vast array of uncut gems and slick metals made from what they have scavenged over the years.  


  Like all dwarves, their beards are their pride and joy and much of their attention and love is given to their beards regardless of gender. The Ryum keep their beards trimmed short and clean, allowing it to grow thicker near their nose and mouth, both males and females alike, to act as a better filter against harsh sand storms and the like while retaining as little heat as possible.   Gems and beads are still woven into their braids as decoration, some displaying the things they have scavenged, some just to show their skill. Younger Ryum like to weave Gin Daisys into their beards whenever their Kiuf stumble upon a wild patch growing on a sand dune or two.  

Clothing and style

  Much like most other Dunne Dwarves, their sense of fashion remains the same: Bright colors and beautiful shiny things worn all over. Most have a thick scarf that is dyed several different colors and is made to protect their heads from the heat, being worn in a similar fashion to a turban, wrapping around their head and their complicated up-dos. All sorts of trinkets are woven into this headpiece, making it the center of almost every outfit.   The rest of their clothing is often worn loose and breezy, keeping the sand out of their copious amounts of body hair and helping keep them cool. This clothing is usually cobbled together from whatever they could have found or bought in their trades since they rarely have the time to sit down and make cloth for themselves.  


At their base, the Ryum Chiymon are scavengers. They chase after Sand Worms, picking through the sand piles they leave behind, looking for precious gems or metals or even the rare item left undigested from its last meal. These items they collect and care for, turning them into novelty items to trade at the next city they stop at.  


If it weren't for the fact that their novelty items were incredibly beautiful and well made and their prices are ridiculously low, no one would trade with them. As it is, no good salesman in his right mind could turn away a Kiuf looking to barter. They rarely ask for money, looking instead for either cloth, food items, seasonings, thread and the like, or other things they can't scavenge. In return, the shopkeepers get intricate, handmade items that would go for 100-300 gp easily in a major city. Many turn right around and sell them for a heavily marked-up price, making what could be a fortune. Of these items, the most desirable happens to be the Sand Worm Tooth, something only recently made available by the Ryum and of which they have a monopoly.
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Social reception

Most people find the Ryum repulsive for one reason or another. Some claim it is because they are uncivilized and strange, living out in the desert with no true place to call home, some blame their perceived lack of hygiene, never using water to bath themselves, some refuse to interact socially with anyone who still easts Sand Worms on the regular. Whatever it may be, on the whole, The Ryum have been shunned from most civilized life. If it weren't for their fabulous trades, many cities would bar them entrance altogether.   Not that they care.

A Welcoming Attitude

In the face of being outcasts, The Ryum have opened their arms to any wanting and willing to join them on their travels, even, surprisingly, to the occasional sun elf in need of sanctuary. Because of this it is not uncommon to find whole Kiufum filled with Orcs, Elves, Tieflings of all kinds, and the occasional human who could bear the heat plus whatever else they come across.   The Ryum will gladly accept all those in need of a family into their own, eagerly adopting them as a child or aunt or strange cousin, it doesn't matter. For many, having a large family is a point of pride and many parents openly dote on each of their "children" without care. They also have no concept of Slavery, making them a safe place for escapees to run too when given the opportunity.   Any attempt to reclaim the slave or traveler is harshly rejected, even going so far as to all-out fighting. The Ryum are fiercely protective of their family and will protect what is theirs till the death.

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Sage Dylonishere123
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5 Jul, 2021 17:07

I feel like dwarves get so little love nowadays. I really enjoyed this one. I like how you go through the differences with the ryum as opposed to other dunne dwarves. I think the best bit is trade. I like how they dont really ask for money, focusing on bartering for what they need instead. that's a nice touch. Well done!

5 Jul, 2021 21:45

Tis true, Dwarves don't get nearly as much love as they deserve. It's fun to think through cultural differences while still remaining a part of the whole on average including cultural values and how it would all interact. Thank you for your kind words, they are really making my heart happy :)

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Absolutely love the idea of these nomadic Dwarves that roam the deserts, shunned and living out the outskirts of other civilised societies, kind of got a Freman from Dune vibe in my mind (Not going to lie, probably the sand worms). Just great to see a nice reimagining of Dwarves, defiantly a race that sadly doesn’t get enough love, I’m even guilty of that!

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Thank you!

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12 Jul, 2021 13:23

Aww, I really like the sound of these dwarves. They seem like a nice culture and I love the fact they barter. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
12 Jul, 2021 17:07

Thank you! I think right now they are my current favorites. :)

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.