Rundune, the land of lost wanderers. It is in the center of the map, bordered by both oceans with a foot on either side on The Ridge. This has made them to central meeting point of the world. Travelers of all kinds always pass through the land, seeing many different types of people. Some are alarmed by the Landvaettir and their strange appearance and customs, but not so much as to avoid the the country, especially with the Water Genasi and Wood Elves around. Their intricate, towering cities provide a wonderful lookout point, and the beaches that line the Siren Seas are simply Devine. They capitalize on this, developing their hotels and tourist attractions, making it as appealing as possible.f


The people are social and welcoming, but this is mainly a front. They leave much of their lives a secret, often appearing as if each denizen lives a dual life. They are secretive yet inviting, but true hospitality is not a value. Their homes are their homes, and to be invited to one is a true honor. What isn’t their business, isn’t their business and they leave it that way.

Demography and Population

The water genasi, as simplistic and gentle they are, take care of much of the coast and rivers, as they should. The wood elves run the forested areas and smaller cities while the landvaettir work from behind the scenes. This segregation is not full as they often interact with each other. The surplus is definatly in the elves which makes Rasha avoid them completely. Well, at least the BergFolk


The top of The Tail. This land used to b ruled by the Orcs for the most part before those fleeing from the The Frozen Empire came and forced them to leave in a big, bloody war. They fought for years, the water genasi pushing the orcs north into the forests so the Landvaetti and wood elves can pick them off and force them further north to the lands they were fleeing from in the first place. Most on both sides haven’t forgotten about that, though both see it in very different ways, blaming the the other for the beginning of the conflict.


There are several militaries, one per member of the inner circle, they patrol and guard different sectors of the country. Since they each obey a single member, there are a few territory problems but they are quickly settled by the inner circle.

Foreign Relations

They have a decent relationship with most people. They reserve the right to hate Tubl, Hutor, Calgery, and the entire island of Lo’nce, just like everyone else. But if a Tiefling, Orc, Ogre, or any other “undesireable” creatures comes into their borders, they will serve them with thinly veiled fear, hatred, and suspicion. Some have good reason, some just enjoy being prejudiced and mean.

Agriculture & Industry

There are many seaweed farms, as wells as several wood industries though they are only economic and don’t damage the natural forests due to their magics, thankfully.

Trade & Transport

They developed a rudimentary road system, though they mainly use rivers to move around and deliver things all over the country


The education system works much like any other system. The children are required to go to school by the elite and the teachers are grossly under compensated. The children born to the elite are given more opportunities their parents bought with their money. While most don’t pursue a higher level than what is required, some magic schools have developed and opened their doors, focusing mainly on instinctual nature magics instead of spell work. There are some that work with benders but these are not as common or as well developed.


The buildings are quite modern really. Sleek, simple, homey. A mixture between Mediterranean and little cottage in the woods. Simple greenery on white walls with wooden accents.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Gold pieces
Major Exports
Seaweed products, wood products, some bottled magic.
Major Imports
Luxury products like silk and dyes and slaves of all sorts. They also, like everyone else, import vegetables from the Crop Coalition.
Legislative Body
The laws are made by a select group who can buy their way into power.
Judicial Body
There are several different police forces, all under the control of a member of the inner circle.
Official Languages
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations


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