A civilization that grew deep in the heart of the Johetza Swamp. Even if its outward reputation is one of danger and death to all those who go, the inhabitants have learned to live in peace with he land. They work with the swamp, abiding by all its little rules and quirks, something outsiders fail to do. Its this oversight which often gets them killed in the long run, despite the warnings of the natives in the area. They aren’t progressive, nor are they overly fond of others, but they appreciate a good tall tale ever once in a while before the noon day Thuyu.


Religion and government are highly intertwined, in fact they are often the same thing. The only reason any government still pretends to have any power is for the outside world and any war gatherings. The High Preist controls most of the power, dictating where money and resources go.


Everything is laid back. Things are very ritualistic yet quiet. There are set times for work and for pleasure and for sleep. They like it like that. They prefer to be told how to behave and how to live their lives. Many stick to the old ways, being private and helpful and secretive. Many actually refuse to interact with the outsiders for the fear they’ll mess up whatever good thing they have going.


Smaller civilizations in the depths of the swamp, some larger cities on the outskirts where the ground is firmer. Bridges and wooden, raised walkways criss-crossing all over the swamp.

Demography and Population

Brownies, BergFolk, and Bogarts are the main inhabitants. They live in segregated sects based off of age and interests. These groups are looked over by a member of the church who is assigned to them after they finish training. Births are regulated, only a certain amount of children are born every life cycle, and that is the same amount of people who die that cycle. Surprisingly, the groups don’t always stay in the cities and towns, even if there is danger when straying form the path.


They have settled quite well into the Johetza Swamp, a place all others deemed unlivable. Brownies and Bogarts are originally from the swamp in the first place. When the BergFolk arrived there was a little argument on who would stay and how life would be, but eventually they came to an agreement with little loss of blood. Now they exist side by side as if nothing ever happened.


There is no official military, the swamp working with them to protect the inhabitants. If on the long shot that someone does attack, they will just retreat deeper into the swamp and let the carnivorous trees devour the attackers so they can go back to their daily lives.

Technological Level

They have remained pretty stagnant ever since The Frozen Empire. They don’t have the desire to develop any further. They live by the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Foreign Relations

People tend to steer clear of this area, claiming it too dangerous and life threatening. Rasha doesn’t quite relate well to others, even opting out of a trade agreement with the Crop Coalition. Not as surprising, but they also refuse trade with Tubl and Greenwood. In fact, they attempt to stay as far away from everything related to Greenwood if possible. This could be related to a trade deal gone bad, conflicting beliefs, or the fact that a majority of the population, the BergFolk, left Greenwood a while back for unknown reasons.

Agriculture & Industry

Their lives revolve around the Johetza plant, making much of their money and entire livelyhoot from the plant.

Trade & Transport

They have developed rope and wood bridges that cover the entire swamp, easily hidden from passer-byes and idiots. They deliver packages by a swinging rope system aided by regional magics. Its a rather efficient system, but it is unadvisable to attempt to deliver anything fragile this way. The risk factor is high.


Education is provided by the Gudeth Shi, specifically the groups Engrei. They provide tailored curriculums for the specific groups they are assigned to, give each a decent and cumulative education that rivals even the highest forms of education. However, much of what is taught is severely biased, some Engrei going so far as to praise the Ice Queen and her work in the past. It is a curious thing, the sheer amount of education provided yet in the end, many prefer to not think and let the Gudeth Shi command their lives in its entirety. There are some that utilize the vast amounts of knowlage presented to them but they are few and far between. These are often recruited to join the Gudeth shi and eventually lead and educate others in the way of the Johetza.


The buildings are made of wood and leaves from dead Johetza trees. The houses are often hanging in the trees connected by the suspended roads and bridges. The only buildings built on the ground are The Rings. The houses are study, built to keep out the White Fog.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Bottled Fog, hemp rope, potions.
Major Imports
Beer from Paop Wah, and a large amount of Labor slaves.
Legislative Body
The Preists and Ngwaewu Jurwi.
Judicial Body
A normal police force.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items
Related Items


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