Pukh Dunes

Up in the Pach Groves when the wind blows it takes the sand with it, far west to pile up along the Lata line creating the Pukh Dunes. These dunes are around 300 miles long and are the closest thing to mountainst the Fire Planes will ever see.


Piles of sand taller than most building all lined up sporatically in the desert, providing safe harbor from the scorching sun and brutal sand-filled wind. The sands are pale white and gold, glittering un the harsh light and practically melting into rivers of glass durring the midday heat.

Beneath the glistening sand are small, hidden pools that drip down into sandstone caverns filled with all sorts of untouched wonders. Untouched rivers of quarts and gold protected by the heat above and the darkness below, waiting to be found.


Just like with the Flora, not much survives here in the heat. Occasionally, when the Gin Daisy is in season, smaller creatures like lizards and snakes, or the occasional Meerkrow can be found slinking through the sands. Some Sfūm Ōgbūs birds are drawn by the liquid glass and stay for a while before migrating back to the Waw Forest when summer and the unbearable heat returns.


In all honesty, not much grows in these scorching sands, the heat is just too great. Occasionally one can find Gin Daisys growing along the western side of the dunes, sheltered partially from the heat and wind. They are almost only found durring the winter months and don't last nearly as long as their more eastern counterparts.

  Deep in the caverns undergroud, a Dunne Dwarven civilization has taken root, slowly burrowing north through the sands and stone, pulling the glass and diamonds from the earth like its worth nothing, ocasionally leaving their ecess on the surface for some lucky traveler or creature to find.

Natural Resources

Unknown to most except the Dunne Dwarves, this place hides several large, bountiful streams of all sorts of precious metals and gems. These are minned, processed, and abandoned when unwanted, leaving them for all sorts of creepy crawly creatured to take root.

Much more well known to most are the rivers of molten glass. When molded and blown into figurines, cups, jewelry, and all other sorts of things the glass is stunningly filled with bubbles and mixed, changing hues from the shifting sands.
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Inhabiting Species
Those that wrongly believe Sphinxi live the Pach Groves usually think they live here, in the Pukh Dunes. This is completely false and has caused many "Treasure hunters" to wander off to their death, either from heatstroke or falling into the Glass Rivers.

Unfortunately, the Dunne Dwarf's habit of abandoning piles of gems or cashes of jewels randomly on the surface or slightly below has fueled this dangerous myth past the point of dispursion. All that can be done at this point is exagerating the dangers of the area.

If still the people wish to venture out, it's their choice, stupid as it may be.


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27 Dec, 2020 17:53

I love the idea of molten glass rivers. That sounds beautiful. I also like the idea of the dwarves under the sand. :D

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Thanks. I don't know, it just made a lot of sense for the sand to melt in incredible heat to create the rivers and also, desert dwarves man. They have to exist.

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