Outer Waters

Don't sail too far, my friend. don't do it. keep the coast in sight at all times. the moment--i mean it, the moment the waters turn smooth on a cloudy day, or rough when the air is still, or if you turn to the coast and it run straight, rigid, false. turn back. turn back to familiar waters. those who don't never come back.
The Outer Waters are infinite. They are the final path, the final destination leading nowhere but more water. They are the end times. They are Eden. Purgetory. Hell, to some.   Really, the Outer Waters mark edge of the world so to speak, the furthest explorers have gone and still returned. Their border matches up well with the Lata Line, leading many to belive the Outer Waters are somehow connected to Eden. both places seem to disreguard the laws of nature, growing progressivly deeper and darker the further someone wanders. however, the one main difference is that those who enter the Outer Water can leave. it hasn't happened often, but ocassionally ships that sail too far do make it back weeks, months, years after their departure.   most of the time, however, they remain lost to the endless waves.

Nothing but Water

while linging up with the Lata Line, the Outer Waters most defining feature is that it is simply...water. no islands. no divots. no breaks. nothing but endless, unpredictable, wild waves that can shift from calm to raging in a single second, bringing ships to their watery graves.  

Seriously nothing

in these waves, for all intents and purposes, there is nothing. not even sea life for the most part. no seaweed, no fish, no people--well, that one is debatable. the jist is, nothing lives out on these waters. nothing. Nothing exept the stupid Golden-Tipped Seagull.
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