Oraengiw Losses

This Battle in the time square of Orængiw is considered the turning point of the rebellion against the north. After this battle, The Resistance doubled down their efforts to attack and strip power from the queen and her empire.  

What Happened?

It wasn't supposed to be anything special, just a simple liberation mission, in and out then move inward, just like all their previous fights. However, as Jillian Ambroious and her team broke into the town square, more soldiers than they had anticipated swarmed out and surrounded them.   It became a dog fight, one centered on escape rather than liberation. Durring the retreat, one soldier got lucky with their spear throw and impailed Danielle Asle through the stomach when she threw herself infront of Sabor Lerone. this devestating blow sent the Resistance troops into chaos, barely held together by Jillian as she struggled to keep her people ar target and get the rest of them out safe.   they retreated into the woods back to their temporary camp, dreary with grief and loss.  

Lasting Effects

This battle marked the beginning of the resistance's second wave, fueled by personal loss and grief only carefully toeing the line of revenge. Danielle became a marter, another symbol to the resistance of what the Frozen Empire does to it's people; kills the best of them.

Personal Reputaions

In addition to spuring the resistance on, this battle proved for the last time Jillian's leadership capacity. the only reason her and her people made it out alive from that slaughter was her command. from then on out, whatever questions of capacity were quieted before she ever heard them.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The resistance lost


The Resistance

Led by


about 50 soldiers including Sabor Lerone, Danielle Asle, and Jillian Ambroious.
75 trained soldiers.


23 including Danielle Asle
38 soldiers.


Liberate the town of Orængiw and continue taking territory from The Frozen Empire
Keep controle of Orængiw and push back The Resistance.   if possible, take out their commanding officers or key players.


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Grandmaster tlcassis
Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia
6 Aug, 2022 00:19

This article addressed the prompt (lots didn't actually) so points to you! I was a little confused as to why Danielle threw herself in front of Sabor - was that more lucky for the soldier than getting Sabor the target? I liked that the conflict was clearly part of a larger tapestry of stories.