Naish luu

In The Ice Queen's blind reach for more power, she extended past her reach. She began extracting raw magic from living creatures in the Color Camps. She made 2 shipments, one with 4 full crates that made it to her secret home beyond the northern mountains. The other shipment, considerably larger, did not make it. Halfway to her castle, the shipment spilled, loosing all the raw Liquid Magic into the wild, seeping into the earth and leeching into the flora and fauna. The effects were immediate, turning the normal creatures and plants into twisted, living, dangerous beings that glowed and pulled. Time shifted, reality bubbled, things changed. The area was soon deemed dangerous and unlivable, separated from the rest of Pangella for their own health. People watched it from afar, taking in its strange and terrifying appearance as it literally writhed, slowly inching out over time.


The inside of The Naish Luu is filled with small hills and strange furrows in the ground. From the inside looking up, the sky takes on a kaleidoscopic feel, shifting between purples and blues and pinks during the day and night. It looks as if the sky is swirling, shifting, changing with the wind, much like leaves would. It's enough to give anyone a headache and throw them off balance. There are small rivers and pools, all seemingly coming from nowhere. Water glitters and runs uphill, testing a strangely pleasant sweetness, it falls from a waterfall coming from nowhere, pooling in the air before dropping to the ground lazily. The water, when stagnant for long periods of time on the ground, it shifts into a thicker, red liquid that behaves much like a greater healing potion when drunk.

Due to the sheer amount of untamed, untapped power, there are considerably more rifts and portals than anywhere else in Pangella.

Fauna & Flora

There are many plants in the Naish Luu, almost all of them undocumented, all of them magically mutated in the Magic spill. There are plant that more like snakes, flowers that glitter and glow, releasing toxins and drugs into the air, moss that grants vivid dreams, glowing flowers that gleam like eyes in the dark, dangerous and foreboding. The leaves are large and multi-colored, being blues and reds and oranges with splashes of pink and yellow. If It weren't so completely strange and dangerous, it would be beautiful.

The creatures that live here are just as wonderful and just as strange. they too originated form something like what we know into something completely different. Tigers with golden, shimmering stripes wings and poisoned claws stalk the grounds. Owl bears with 12 eyes and fire breath and 4 joints roam. Strange, whispering rabbits with insect-like wings. Most have mutated past the point of recognition, being only a strange set of colors and shapes before it eventually jumps out and devoured you. Even the Fea, the natives who were in the initial spill, have changed dramatically, growing foreign and otherworldly to any who may recognize them. they are the few people willing to brave the Naish Luu since it is the only place they have ever known, its chaos being regular to them.

Natural Resources

Magical items are found in surplus here. Healing potions on the ground, living vines in the trees, perfumes and sleeping positions, and poisons in the plants. everything is an untapped resource that can be brought back if you are brave enough. Whatever does make it out of the forest is worth a fortune.


People don't come here, afraid of its utter strangeness. There are many rumors of all the poisonous creatures and all the murderous, mutated natives, and the fear of getting stuck in time, eventually emerging from the forest 100 years later, or even 1000. The thought is terrifying and it keeps many people from ever visiting.
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Land of the Fea
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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