Moon Lily

I spent years there, on the edge, waiting every full moon to find one. You hear legends of them, myths that describe their beauty, their power, but nothing compares to the real thing. Nothing at all.
— An onld man who lives near the Lunar pools

Once a month on the night of the full moon, one of these lilies blooms in all its gloring, blue and purple light spilling form inside and drifting into the night sky to join the Miteba lights dancing overhead.

While these lights spill from inside as it blooms, strange things can begin to happen to those around it. Mirages and visions sift into reality, perfect replicas of dreams and desires burried so deep that perhaps even the dreamer themselves didn't realize they want them. This process in alluring, calming, and enchanting, leaving people in this dream-like state, flooded with euphoria, till the sun rises and the lily withers.

Other Side Of The Flower

People can become addicted to this easily, at first igniting conflict between the sides of those who wished to control the territory. There were several battles centered solely around gaining control of this territory before one or two of the people realized the lilies turned black durring the conflict, crinkling and flaking away into the water. While in peace, they glittered white, but when centered on conflict, the lily sent to bloom that month slowly becomes corrupted, and when it does bloom, dark visions filled the minds of those around, filling them with cold terror.

The fighting ceased almost imeadiately, all sides pulling back and waiting in tense anticipation for the next full moon. When the lily bloomed, glowing white and blue once again a hesitant but solid treaty was made, called the Treaty of the Lily, basically saying no combat would be held around or over the area, leaving it neutral ground.
Geographic Distribution
In additon to its dream inducing powers, when treated right, the lily can be used as a powerful narcotic that can induce intense, deep hallucinations and, if served in a large enough dose, a coma.

The Lure

When a Moon Lily is harvested before the dawn and after the lights fade, the lily won't wither. This is a small window of time, however, making the feat extremely difficult. Once harvested, the flower can be ground down into a powder. This powder contains all the properties given by the visions in the lights, just much more concentrated.

This powder has many names: Moon Dust, Flower Powder, Dreamer. No matter what, It is worth obsene amounts, and one dose is worth thousands of gold.


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