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Merlin Ambrosious


Merlin Ambrosious

Merlin--aptly coined the dramatic trouble magnet by Chryso--Is arguably the most famous wizard of all time, renoun for his unbelievable magical prowess, overwhelming charm, and incredible good looks. Merlin is known for traveling around all of Pangella, meeting people, imparting knowledge, and getting into as much trouble as be possibly can. Sometimes he travels alone, but most of the time he's accompanied by some ragtag group going on their own coming of age story or something.


Merlin is positively dashing--he's not known as a severe womanizer just for his personality--with his charming smile and enchantingly bright blue eyes. He takes after his mother in that sense, leaning more into his Elvish side than Human, even if his father looked incredibly strange. His features are all sharp and defined; a carved jawline, strong nose, and thick, well-maintained eyebrows. In addition to looking absolutely fabulous, Merlin caries an air of intelligence with him. in his youth it looked like arrogance written in his posture, but as the years have passed it's turned into a desire to share what he knows with others, which makes for a very attractive cohesive feature.   He prides himself on a toned body, taking care to keep fit and strong as well as very nimble. He was once described as haveing a 'dancer's body' and he took that to heart, learning every dance he possibly could. As a personal choice, he prefures to keep himself hairless, claiming he likes the way his legs feel freshly shaved.   Generally, he keeps his hair long, painstakingly styling it every morning so the curls, braids, and beads lay just right. whenever possible, Merlin hands that responsibility over to Chryso, relishing in the feeling of fingers running though his hair. Of course, the braids all fell a bit messier on those days, but that was fine, he'd manage.   He prefers looser clothes, custom tailored to both highlight his form while still maintaining an airy quality. Once Tublian styles reached the rest of the west, Merlin quickly adopted them, almost solely wearing loose, flowing shirts with low cut necklines and intricate, flamboyant colors. He's especially attached to their trend of tight, formfitting pants that expertly highlight his magnificent ass.


Merlin is known as an incredibly wise man, full of poise and knowledge, coming from a noble family and ventureing out into the world after spending years locked away in an old library memorizing each and every book. Which is why most people are surprised when they actually do meet him and find out he's little more than well read, dramatic frat boy looking for his next adventure.   Now, it is true that Merlin is incredibly intelligent, having been put in the advanced classes at one of the best institutes out there simply because everything was too easy, and even then the advanced classes barely challenged him at all. This is mainly due to his intense curiosity. To merlin, everything is a problem to be solved, a puzzle to be figured out. He could never just sit still and not do 30 things at one time.   While Merlin is technically a noble he doesn't act like it. He's loud, playful, brash, and has an incredibly crass sense of humor. He prefers to spend time with normal people being genuine instead of navigation the intitcaies of social politics. He 's not afraid to get down and dirty(in every sense of the phrase) with anyone, preferring to truly know someone before doing anything for them.   He is incredibly social, attracting all sorts of people from all sorts of lives to him like moths to a flame. He is overly accepting of everyone and all of their strange needs, almost to a detriment to himself. He, in an effort to be open, often leaves himself vulnerable.


Early Life

Merlin was born on Adenvyrn Agte, 32nd of Paerl, 119, the second child of Caris and Taliesin Ambrosious and he was a nightmare baby. crying all the time, seeking insane amounts of attention, hating every bit of food that came in contact with his mouth. A truly horrendous child to try and parent. The only person he wasn't a complete nightmare too was his sister, Talis.   Two years later, Merlin became an older brother much to his delight until he realized how much responsibility that came with. Jillian was born on Adentvyrn Tazanit, 18th of Zyrkon, 121, a day Merlin would never remember again, perpetually late to celebrating her birthday. Of course, he never remembered Talis's birthday either, so at least it's not favoritism.


Merlin was placed in a class higher than his own, although he proved too advanced for even that, being bumped up to the advanced classes. It was here, he truly got to know Morgana, being neck and neck to the top of their class. Thye often worked together on projects, even with him being 2 years younger, feeding off each other and pushing themselves to greater lengths. He developed a crush on her rather young, and it's still going strong today.  


In highschool, Merlin forgot his interest in school to pursue...other endeavors. He quickly became the most well known man in all of Elevenheim, both personally and physically. He hung out with everyone, learning folk dances from people in the streets, attempting blacksmithing when one apprentice finnly relented to his badgering, flirting with shop keeps until chased away. It was around this time Merlin discovered he didn't actually care about what kind of person he got to know, as long as they were interesting, fun, and willing.

The Dream

In 141, his dreams came true. Morgana finally accepted his advancements. However, no matter how firely he loved her, it didn't take long for them to realize they were much better off as friends. He stepped back gracefully when she rejected him, only sulking for a few days before coming back and appologising, But the damage had already been done.   A month later, Merlin had to come to grips with the fact he was going to be a father. He spent the next couple of months bettering himself to prepare for fatherhood. yes he was a playboy and loved adventure, but he'd put it all away to better take care of his kid, just like his own parents did for him.   When Morgana introduced him to her boyfriend, Xander, it hurt some, but he liked him well enough. She promised Merlin would always have a place in her and their child's life, even if they weren't to be married. He agreed.

Fleeting Fatherhood

His son, Tristan, was born on Laabrodir Terkois of Cityne in 141. He was exctatic, going over as often as he could to visit him. He played with him, took him for weekends to give the young couple time off, and generally loving being a father.   On one such occasion, Merlin arrived to their quarters to take Tristen off their hands for the next couple days, only to stumble upon a bloodbath. In the center of it all, Morgana sat, drinking the blood from Xander's ripped open neck, a crazed, hungry look in her eye. He fled in his horror, taking Tristen with him for fear she might hurt him.


Merlin stayed on the run for several weeks, slowly coming to the horrifying realization Morgana wouldn't;t give up while he still had her son. With no other option, Merlin sent him though a portal, hoping whatever lay on the otherside would keep him safe until he could bring his son home.

Time travel: 898

When Merlin stepped though the portal for that brief moment, he accidently slipped through time--as one tended to do--ending up in Cinima City in 898. A truly disorienting experience. At least Morgana was off his tail by now. While trying to find his way in this very new world, Merlin stumbled upon Chryso, a grumpy Abyss cast out from his home for being 'too social' even though he was the definition of a recluse. Out of the kindness of his heart, Merlin promptly adopted him as a friend.

Blackwater Academy

During the process of forcing Chryso to be his friend, he mentioned Blackwater Academy and all the strange things that have been happening there lately. Merlin, enthralled by the idea of a mystery, convinced Chryso to go undercover as students there and figure it out. While there, they meet a strange trio, Katie, Mythri, and Eliott.


Merlin Ambrosious

Friend (Trivial)

Towards Morgana Hook



Morgana Hook

Friend (Trivial)

Towards Merlin Ambrosious



Date of Birth
Adenvyrn Agte, 32nd of Paerl, 119
Year of Birth
119 1427 Years old
Morgana Hook (Friend)
Glittering, sky blue
Shaggy black curls, styled to perfection and pulled back into several black, beaded braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
nicely tanned
Magic Level


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