Magic is a force that moves through Pangella that resides in everything to an extent and has been called the "life force of the world". It is a constant force, though the ability to access it becomes more varied.


  While every creature has at least a level of connection to Magic due to simple biology, Not everyone can access it. Accessing is simply the means of how someone can tap into whatever magical potential they inherently have. There are 3 main ways of accessing Magic enough to cause it to obey you: Blood, Book, and Gift.  


  The first and most common is through blood relation to a creature of magic or by being a creature of magic yourself.Almost every race to some extent is a creature of magic and can do some basic spells. Humans, dwarves, orcs, and some other smaller races would not be considered to have magic in their blood unless mixed with another race. Occasionally, some from these smaller races can develop natural magical abilities if there is enough in their system. This is considered a genetic fluke and is not passed down through blood. There is little rhyme or reason to these Flukes, but when they happen, it produces some very powerful magic.  


  The second most common access is through books and enchanted objects. Those who either don't naturally have blood magic or have a genetic fluke can turn to Spell-books and enchanted items to provide them with power. By using one of these things or some other form of conduit the magic that exists inside them that they cannot access can flow out through that.  


  The last access is through the gift of someone or something stronger. Those who are not afraid of dealing with the upper or lower powers of the World or have connections with magic practicers of great skill can be blessed with power from these sources. Their magic is limited by the limits of their patron and can be revoked at any time. This is a risky arrangement and can go bad at any moment, but the easy immediate benefits are very good.  


    Now that the subject of access is explained, the question is how to control it. Control is more varied throughout Pangella, though the same types seem to run in the same family lines and in the same areas. Types of control are almost never intermixed and its almost impossible to learn one that you are not born too. While any form of control can be matched with any form of access, some are more common than others. Emotion and Bending fit best with blood Magic while Gift magic seems built for control through will power. Schools often pick and choose the type of control they allow into their classes. Occasionally they will branch out, but many try to stay within the same category. There are also three main types of control: Emotion, Action, and Will.  


    The first is through emotions. Magic that is tied to Emotions is volatile and unpredictable, like a wildfire or tsunami. These people who have emotional magic have to be in control of their emotions or risk burning down a house on accident. This magic is often considered the most powerful type though that is only a myth.  


    The second is through an action such as dance, drawing, music, or some other action. Their control comes from action and discipline. Many who control magic this way are called Benders. Their magic is more fluid and gentle. It is often artistic, and has the lowest level of aggression. This form takes practice and discipline to learn, and takes much longer to fully master but it has many applications.  


    The last form of control is through mental willpower. Sheer mental strength to force the magic to obey you. Over concentration can have severe health problems, but if you spend enough time and practice, this magic will be more of a partner instead of a slave or appliance.  


    There are also several different types of manifestation of Magic or the way it behaves with the world around it and other magics. Manifestation is the most vast of the three groups and it is always changing, new versions getting discovered or created. Several types of manifestation can be learned and new ways can be invented. This is where schools of the arcana focus their efforts on perfecting technique.   There is Elemental magic which touches into one or more of the 4 main elements, water, fire, earth, and air. Genasi's are the most common in this type, though some humans have the ability as well. Another Manifestation is foresight and divination types. This accentuates the aura and provides a look into your future or another future. this also bleeds into thoughts and feelings, becoming Empathic territory. Then there is Energy manipulation, destructive yet beautiful. Spell magic is a focused projection of your aura with a desired focus in mind, centered around Words spoken in Mystic, the language of Magic. There are many other versions of Manifestation not documented here since there are infinite versions of how Magic interacts with the world. Magic appears in a variety of ways depending on how its implemented, used, and who uses it. Every user has a specific color attached to their magic no matter the school, which is called an Aura. How visible the Aura depends on the power level and the implementation of the Magic itself.   A common assumption is that each interpretation of magic is a different kind of magic and they don't function under the same rules or interact with the other. This is wrong, all these are the same Magic, just expressing itself in different ways. Some, such as Esmerelda, have been gifted with something called "The Sight" which allowed them the fundamental understanding of Magic in all its forms no matter their power level.
Can you see them? The threads of time woven with power tying the world together. Each string is different but they are are connected and they all thrum with life. -Esmerelda
Metaphysical, Arcane


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