For eons they have stood there, watching at the border between life and death. A warning against all who dare enter.

The lata trees have stood along the border between Eden and the rest of the Second Shudake for as long as history streches back, perhaps even further. They are a warning for all travelers that they are about to go to far, that they are about to enter Eden.

Basic Information


Each Lata tree is incrediably tall and incrediably thin, no larger than an foot in diameter dispite its height. Their bark is thick with natural, intricate designs in black against it's white coloring.

It's leaves are small as well and looks to be almost lined with something silver. The light reflects off them constantly, making them virtually impossible to not notice.

Genetics and Reproduction

They spread through their roots, growing only in the greay area between Eden and the rest of the Second Shudake. This is usually in a 10-15 foot area, creating a stagger effect.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes around 3 years for a Lata Tree to grow to its max height. Before that it is considered a sapling. Durring this stage it is only smooth, white bark and silver buds on thin branches. As it grows, the designs get more pronounced and inticate, making the oldest trees almost black with designs.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

A thick, black sap leaks from older trees carvings, dripping down the trunk like blood. People discovered that once processed, this sap takes on an elastic, rubbery quality which can then be used in rubbers, gums, and glues.
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Dispite it's uses for creating rubber products and for its sorce of wood, people don't ever cut these trees down. The only time its wood is ever used is if the tree falls naturally and there is already another to take its place on the border. This is because there are countless myths and legends that the trees are actually keeping Eden contained and to break the line would be to let Eden in.

While not everyone believes these myths, there is enough cultural backlash against harming a lata tree that any who would are deterred.


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