Before The Great Forgetting, large whirlwinds and tornadoes ravaged the upper world, tearing into the ground and destroying cities. They circled the Golden Mountain dancing in and out of the Nott Ridge and plowing through the waters. People lived in fear, waiting for the unpredictable winds to destroy their home.   While it is not commonly known, the Komakor are brought into existence by Aria, through her unbridled grief at her isolation, much to her own dismay. being the products of pure, elemental emotion, the Komakor are incredibly powerful and virtually unstoppable if the cause is not tempered.


Long tunnels of swirling air, preceded by horrendous gales and followed by almost a momentary lack of air. If the wind doesn't kill you, the lack of air will if you don't prepare for it. in certain lights, the towering pillars look like they sparkle and shed rainbows in their wake. This can lure some thoughtless people into a daze, and they are the first to disappear, sucked in by the gale never to be seen again. Thankfully, there is never any more than 4 Komakor at one time. Scholars relate this back to the 4 other elements, or the 4 Elementals that trapped their sister and caused her enough grief to bring the Komakor into existence.


The Komakor works the strongest in the land surrounding the Golden mountain since its course is confined to its peak: Aria. Because of this, the Komakor rarely ever reaches the outer edges of the map, only going that far when grief surges for a moment and she is physically incapable of keeping her power in some sort of check.

Metaphysical, Elemental


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