Koa Adair

Don't underestimate him just cause he's pretty. Don't think for one second he won't break your arm after bandaging your leg, cause he will.
  Compared to the rest of his flock, Koa may look smaller, meeker, but don't let that fool you. Over the years, He has proven to be brutal and wise all at once, hiding his discernment in his silence until it was needed. Not only is he wise, but he is kind to those that deserve it, reaching out a helping hand where ever he can. It is these qualities that led him to be chosen as Maliha Solace's right-hand man, keeping her both in check and healthy.

Love Life and life in general

While working with Maliha over the years, began to realize he may care for her as more than just a friend, but he was content to keep that to himself so as not to jeopardize their friendship and partnership. However, late one night while they were planning, Maliha let it slip that she may care more about him than a friend would. After a quick apology she left and they didn't speak about it again. Slowly, he began subtly letting her know that it was ok to have those feelings and he had them too, content to wait for her as long as he needed to.   Eventually, she came around and they slipped into a relationship, though she still hesitates to put any title like boyfriend or girlfriend on it, let alone husband and wife. Koa suggested they stay known as partners, and she agreed. He is still waiting for her to realize it yet, but he and the rest of the flock are convinced they are already married.   Never has he been interested in anyone else, to the disbelief of everyone who knows. He is constantly asked if ever he would get tired of waiting for so long, to which his reply is always the same...
— Koa
in their flock, their relationship has become a golden representation of devotion.


Koa is more ornate than any of his Flock, even if he is smaller. He keeps himself well cared for and always has another clean outfit in his bag, even carrying around formalwear just in case while the rest forgo it in favor of more bedrolls. This has made him the spokesperson of the flock as well as the second in command.   He keeps his dirty blond hair clean and neatly braided back while flying so it curls when let out, occasionally, when looked at in the sun, his hair can gleam different colors, like teal or bright pink. He is generally smiling when around others, looking perfectly natural in any situation. Any weapons he has are always hidden, either in his thick Avian satchel or quiver.   A light smattering of iridescent feathers, just like the ones that coat his wings, cover the back of his neck, his collar bones, his calves, and some near his temples, fading into his hairline. He never complains about being overheated, however, much to the confusion of his Flock   He does have 2 tattoos, one on his upper arm and the other somewhere secret. Its location is a common focus of betting among the Flock. The main guesses are the lower back, Ass cheek, or Inner Thigh. No matter how much they plead, he won't tell them where it is, or what it is. The other tattoo is of a simple flower and vine wrapping around his bicep.


Koa Adair

Partner (Important)

Towards Maliha Solace



Maliha Solace

Partern (Important)

Towards Koa Adair



Relationship Reasoning

They behave like a married couple at this point, but Maliha doesn't want to get married yet so, for now, they stay as an unhitched couple.

Current Location
Maliha Solace (Partern)
light golden brown.
Dirty blond to his shoulders with a slight wave
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
sun-kissed fair with freckles on his back
Aligned Organization


For the longest time, people always made fun of him for his wings. They are small and when he was younger, very drab, and they never sit right on his back. But around the time he turned 13, everything seemed to change. Brilliant, iridescent feathers began coming in, completely coating the outer feathers and his back, shimmering greens, and vibrant teals mixed in with bright oranges and pinks, shifting with the perspective. The bones themselves popped differently, moving his wings lower and giving his wings more room to turn, giving him the ability to fly in any direction, even hover. They asked the elders who proclaimed him a rare subspecies of Avian which closely resembles a hummingbird.


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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.