Kezub Mekh

Grey sands tossed think in the bleached skies, dark shadows and charred earth where fires once burned but have long since gone out. The incessant moaning of the wind. This is all that's waiting for you down there in the Mekh. Unless you like that sort of thing, you shouldn't go, no matter what any treasure map says.
— An old barkeep

For centuries the Kezub Mekh has been a forgotten, desolate sector near the bottom of the Fire Planes. People do live out there in its vast expanse, but only those who can brave the wilderness. Those who come are lost, looking to find something in themselves on crags and soot.


Just like the old man described, the Kezub Mekh is a dull, try wasteland. Grey and browns sands spilling into the crags where the ground split, harsh sun drying up any spare trickles of water trying to bring life to this place. Experienced travelers might compare this place to the Jopuath Waebu and indeed they are similar. Both are dangerous places that normal travelers should avoid. Both are inhabited by people and creatures that would no hesitate to rip you to pieces. However, a large difference is how charred and destroyed the Kezub Mekh is. Fires burned out, leaving behind nothing but scorched husks in it's wake.

Localized Phenomena

This land was claimed by Tob back in the beginning, and as such, it is one of the only places in the Fire Planes that rains. This rain doesn't do much since the ground itself is scorched past the point of being able to grow anything substantial, but the rains to wash some of that ash down to the Obœ Delta where it works to fertilize the crops there.
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Lost Place
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