Jothi river

This river spans almost half the entirety of the Fire Planes as it lazily carves out the Calfery Canyon.

This river is part of the Iron River trade route and connect the magority of Tubl


This river runs in the base of the entire Calfery Canyon and splits off of the Moon River. Its water, much like the Moon river, is a grey, ashy color, but the further south it flows the more red the water gets, affected by the strong natural pigments in the soil.

Along the bank grows probably the only green veigitation in the entirety of the Fire Planes. It's weak and scraggly, though, in a way, rather beautiful. Many public and private gardens can be found along its banks, each one incrediably well tended to bring out its fullest potential. This makes traveling along it rather a relaxing and beautiful expirience.

The current is slow and lazy, occasionally creating eddies in the water, especially where the colors begin to shift gradually.

Fauna & Flora

There are many deeply pigmented flowers that grow along these banks, however, which is where many of the vivd dyes come from. More commonly, there is some pale yellow grasses, of both the tall and short variety.

Inside the river itself there are unique seaweeds that can be used in commoner and travel dishes as well as yearly salmon and their own version of the Big Haul.
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