Jopuath Waebu

Dry, dull, barren expanses of rock and sand stretching out as far as the eye can see, The only variation coming from the dead, dry bushes and occasional rock looming out of the sun-bleached haze. Here Orc tribes wander, live, and even thrive. They hunt the small, gamey food there is and burrow deep into pits and holes in the ground, just large enough to protect their tribes from the dreadful sandstorms. There is nothing here, nothing but heat, rocks, and death.


Flat plains broken up by the occasional hill and sand pit. Wind-smoothed stones that tower over you and provide cover from the brutal heat surrounded by jagged, dark rock, a material well known for its ability to stay razor sharp. How Lovely. Surrounding these Patches of rock you can find Izma Sand, a simple magical dust that can put people to sleep by inhaling it. These patches are dark against the common grey, providing a touch of variation in this dull, hazy expanse. 

At noon, when the sun beats down on the sand and rock, everything gets blurry. The heat rolls off the ground in waves, boiling the black rocks to the point of lethal levels of heat. Water is scares, what ever small oasis that is rarely found guarded like gold. Water is the currency in these parts, quickly followed by booze, something to dull the dreadful monotony of this dreary, tired, dead place. Nothing grows here of its own volition and stays soft, stays beautiful. No, here everything is coarse and rigid, fighting to simply stay alive long enough to take something else out.

Localized Phenomena

The fierce winds from the south over the heart of the Nuoj Desert billow upwards, creating terrible sandstorms and week-long blackouts. Ironically, while a dangerous situation to be in, during these sand-made black outs are the most regulated and cool times of the year. There is no proper winter, only an increase in these black-outs causing the entire expanse to gradually cool to manageable temperatures for a few months of the year.


Only adventurers and Merchants are crazy enough to come here. Not even the average cartographer would dare come without a native guide of some sort, all of whom are just as likely to gut you as they are to help you. Adventures come for the myths and the promise of gold at the end. Many come on a quest only to die, forgotten, in the vast, untamed emptiness. These remains, when found, are not looked on with honor, only pity and anger, and they are never given the respect of a proper burial. Those adventuring idiots came here, here they can stay. 

Merchants come for the rare products and materials found only here, like Izma sand, or Sulfer root, a medicinal plant known to help slow magical ailments. They come, they trade, they leave, often times missing one or two of their party. If a big deal is made of it, the entire caravan disappears without a trace. No one knows if this is due to the locals or something older and more powerful acting on an ancient agreement, one struck before The Great Forgetting.
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Orc Lands
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