Ice Valley

An isolated valley in the western part of the northern mountains. For a long time the valley was exclusively owned by the Ice Queen. After she disappeared, no one in Greenwood wanted to use it due to its history and its temperature so they sealed it off with a thick barrier of ice, hoping to forget it exists. This, however, made it a perfect place for The Room to set up their new school, away from prying eyes.


The entire valley is made of ice and snow, with small fissures stretching deeper into the mountain till it reaches stone. Snow coats the entire ground, going deeper than any one person could or should ever dig. Other than that, the terrain is relatively flat, just snow until the harsh, straight walls of ice.

Fauna & Flora

There are no living creatures up here, being far too cold for anything to grow. There are some trees that are completely frozen over and dead, petrified in ice till, like fossils, they turn to it. Some people speculate there is a variant of the Waw Tree grows up there and they are what casues the Miteba Lights though there is no proof.
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