Ice reader

For a long time, people in the North have been looking to the ice to predict the future and to aid them in their lives. This proved quite profitable and surprisingly reliant, bringing in lots of money to Ice Readers and the north. This profession grew in popularity as The Frozen Empire grew in power. Eventually, people would come from all over to have their fortunes in the ice. However, after the empire fell, people turned on everything ice and cold-related, turning on the north and all it has to offer. They immediately raided most of the land, treating the natives as hostiles and slaughtering them when they could. In the chaos, Ice readers slipped away into the northern mountains to keep themselves safe. As the chaos subsided, the south declared many professions held exclusively by those in the north that use northern Magic, impractical and evil, making them illegal. In addition to this, worship of the Froshatha Pantheon was made illegal in an attempt to keep anything like this from happening again. There was an uproar at this development, people torn between believing the magic evil and relying on it heavily. 

For the few Ice Readers left, this development firmly placed them in the illegal category. Many still hid in the mountains, quietly practicing their magics and reading the future, not liking what they saw.



People are either born with the gift to read Ice or are given it by a deity from the Froshatha Pantheon, usually either Red, Ngethre, or Arwe.

Career Progression

Ice Readers are an offshoot of psychics, and as such, there is not much progression.

Payment & Reimbursement

Each Ice Reader makes their own price when approached by a client, ranging from 5-20 gold per reading depending on the skill of the reader and the content of the read.

Other Benefits

If seeing a more than likely future is a benefit, then they have benefits. Unfortunately, recently the future has not looked bright, foretelling at least 400 years of bloody war.



The magority of Ice Readers are Elves, though there are some who are blue or white Dragonborns


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