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As one of the longest lasting, most prominent cultures on all of Pangella, Greenis is made up by an incredible depth of tradition. It originates from the far north, deep in the Shaye Forest, along with several other cultures that have blossomed in the last few centuries. While comprised mainly of elves, Greenis does have some diversity. Some. It's history is long and complicated, reaching out much further than the Shaye and out into the South. Unfortuneatly, with that history comes mistakes, with it comes lasting impacts some people may want to forget.

Traditions and Customs

Due to it's origin, Greenis Taditions and Customs take much of their influence from The original Elvish traditions. Much of their roots and, consequently, their values are intertwined.



There is a strong emphasis on internal propriety among the Greenis. Every Person is expected to uphold their image. there is no slouching, casuality, rude manners, or anything else that could be misinterpreted as a slight. communication is done between the lines solely, dark intentions hidding behind kind smiles and a pretty face.


In the last several decades, The greenis have taken to holding their relationship with nature with a deep ferocity. They have cultivated a symbiotic relationship with the world around them, and will fight fircely against those who try to tear it down.


Their history is long and it is arduous. still, they must remember. The curent greenis have tasked themselves with remembering the past so they may not repeat it. Often, This can result in a polarized application; justice or apathy. They are either too involved, or they stay completely out of it, simply watching for their trees and recording.

The Darkest Moments Leave the Longest Impact

Unfortunately, out of Greenwood came the longest, cruelest empire known to the north: The Frozen Empire. Headed by Ice Queen, It took over the north in its entirety and inched down towards the south, only deterred by the warmer weather it seemed. The Empire lasted 500 years, and the damage it caused still lingers over 1,000 years later.



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