Goblins are by no means an old race. However, they aren't young either. Really, all people know is that they are incredibly annoying, dirty, little theives that live on the deserted island Mune and have no concept of empathy.  



Goblins are, typicially, nasty little creatures. They vaguely resemble humanoids with 2 arms and legs, a head, and a face, monsterous as it is. Their skin tones range from a sickly green to a dull, dark brown; the whole range of vomit colors.   they have the same height and build as halflings, which helps perpetuate the idea that goblins somehow derived from them despite their natural habitats being on opposite sides of the the ridge.
Facial structure
Golbin faces are round. very round. annoyingly round. their eyes are large and sickly yellow, and their mouths are wide and full of terribly sharp, gnarled teeth. their ears are long and floppy and their noses are small, leaving them with incredible hearing and a shoddy sense of smell.

Everything that comes with living

Growth rates


Goblins are omnivores. They eat everything; meat, rotting vegtables, grains, spices, poisons and anything else they can get their hands on. if it's organic, they can eat it. and they probably enjoy it.   while they might try to share their food, don't eat it, even if your a dwarf. Goblis eat things that would make any other living creature recoil in horror.




Beauty Ideals
Comunal property
Golbins have no concept of personal property. their entire existance is communal, sharing resources and itemsfor the betterment of their communities. for this reason, they don't understand why people get so upset when they take a shiny thing or some food, since they have no concept of stealing.




Genetic Ancestor(s)
Geographic Distribution

Interspecies Relations


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