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Glass Wyvern

Oh yeah, they're cute as Eden, no doubt, but don't let one of those buggards bite ya. Nasty teeth they've got, could shred your finger into ribbons on accident.
— A traveling zoologist
Glass Wyverns have a small, bean-like body with two large, flat, webbed wings, 2 powerful hind legs, and a small tapered, slightly thorned tail, just like most other Wyverns in some kind or other. Its tiny head is connected by a long, snake-like neck that seems to have no limitations in how it can move.

Wings and Flight

Out of all the sub breeds of Teacup Wyvern the Glass wyvern has the largest wingspan, meaning they can fly for longer distances without needing to land. Their large wings also create a thin membrane where heat can escape easily, keeping them cool in the searing heat.

The Glass Wyvern can't fly for long periods of time without needing to rest, nor can it fly very high at any given time. Instead, the Wyvern typically shoots very high up with its initial wing strokes or climbs to a high point a jumps off before slowly gliding downward.


The most unique and fascinating aspect of this Wyvern is its coloring. At first it looks like the wyvern is made of a clear living crystal, refracting the light in tiny rainbow arcs, but in actuality the Wyvern has a unique camouflage capability, able to replicate its surroundings on its scales with such clarity it just looks clear.


On the both its back legs and the tips of its wings are thin, little, hooked claws built for climbing and latching onto things. They have gotten extremely good at stealing things mid flight by swooping down, snatching an object with its foreclaws and quickly passing it back to its hind claws and darting away, using the momentum of the snatch to propel them further into the air than before.

Facial Features

Many have described a wyverns face as utterly adorable with their dark, large eyes and tiny nose, just the right shape for booping. It has a relatively small mouth, though that doesn't take away from its insane bite. With 2 rows of teeth, the first being relatively normal with slightly pointed edges, and the second being retractable, long, and crazy sharp, their bite hurts. A lot. The second set of teeth also make it virtually impossible to remove anything from its bite, the teeth piercing incredibly deep into the meat.


A Wyverns swarm is incredibly important to them, and it is defined by those it trusts, not necessarily those it grew up with. They are incredibly intelligent creatures with long memories and an insane ability to hold a grudge. Most of the time, a Wyverns swarm is their hatch mates. Once a swarm is made, it is incredibly hard to break. They live together, hunt together, sleep together, even solve problems together. When eggs are laid, the entire swarm cares for them in shifts, making sure to share the burden equally among them all. They take the same approach to parenting as well.

Because they are surrounded by other from the very moment of their conception, most Glass Wyverns tend to be social. Very social. And also quite unafraid of much. They will easily approach all sorts of creatures, large and small, with intense curiosity and a desire to make a friend. In most cases they do, leaving them with an armada of allies out in the wild, from Sphinxi to lizards to even a Sand Worm if they play their proverbial cards right. The long and short of it is: Don't antagonize a swarm unless you can handle their friends.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
18-20 years
Average Height
6 in- 9in (15-20 cm)
Average Weight
1-1.2 grams
Average Length
15 in-17in (40-45 cm)
Geographic Distribution
Average Wingspan
Average Flight Speed
Max flight Distance
1 mile

A Mischievous Nature

Besides their wonderous coloring and texture, the most known aspect of a Glass Wyvern is their penchant for playing pranks and practical jokes. On more than one occasion, a Wyvern will steal your meal only to return it a few moments later, making a low rolling sound in the back of its throat, just shy of a growl. They burry treasure on walkways and lead strangers down dead ends. Nothing overly harmful, just playful. Some might even mess with your accessories or clothing, just to see how you will react.


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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
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You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.