Freedom Marshes

The Freedom marshes are a monument to the sins of the north, to everything the elves and their allies want to forget. Originally these marshes were lovely fields and glades, cool but beautiful. They were quickly destroyed and mangled by The Frozen Empire, its greed turning the earth sour and deadly. Melted snow drifted down from the north, wetting the earth and freezing it in the Ice Queen's power. When she fell, the ice melted, changing the once lush glades inso a muddy swamp land. Then all the refugees and prisoners were forced out of the empire, trudging through the muck with pride and freedom in their souls despite the pain and hardship, leaving a permanent mark on the land where they claim their freedom. Now the lands are mainly left empty, only lived in by the rare human settlement or dwarves fortress, though they prefer living in the surrounding mountains. Every year, these marshes get smaller, slowly being swallowed by the Naish luu in the north.


The Freedom marshes are several large expanses of wet marsh lands and swamps held in a bowl of mountains. Originally, it was much larger, though after the magic spill made the Naish luu, the freedom marshes have gotten considerably and consistently smaller over the years. There are several small wells of cleaner water dotted at random all over the land, ranging from a foot to 50 feet deep in any place. These are then connected by little stagnant streams, rivers, and pools that are separated by harder pieces of earth that might have been a road once. occasionally, you may come across a sturdier patch of land that might be big enough to build a house or small town on, but most of these have already been taken and developed. Overall, Its a rather depressing sight, grays and muted greens and dull browns being the only colors for miles on end unless you turn north, in which case every other saturated color can be seen for miles.

Fauna & Flora

The Flora and Fauna of these marshes are rather simplistic. Not many trees grow here, and if they do they are sickly and small, hardly able to hold themselves up let along something else. Swamp grass is a given, all sorts of it growing all over the place. Some Staunch weed, Pigs mole roots and mushrooms, and Red clover are some more notable plants that grow almost exclusively in the marshes, thriving off the soft earth and surplus of water.

Any animals that live there are most likely small and inconspicuous, blending into the lands as best they can. Small rabbits, larger birds, snakes, insects are all wonderful examples of this. Occasionally a larger animal can be found and it is best to leave them alone. Once attacked, they stay and snatched your tribe or village until everyone is gone.

Natural Resources

the only real resources found in the freedom marshes are directly caused by its proximity to the Naish luu. Staunch weed, Red Clover, and Pigsmole all have been imbued with magic abilities, either enhancing innate magical ability or amplifying the natural healing process in the body. Each of these are only ever found in the north, close to where the sight of the magic spill. From this it can be assumed more of these plants live in the Naish luu though it has never been confirmed.


These marshes are something of a tourist attraction for history buffs. People who want to learn about the past come to ask questions, to read the engravings, to find the lost pieces of civilization and forgotten memories held in the murky waters. If they come for the view, it's not of the land itself. They come to see the Fea, To watch the Naish luu writhe, to try and harvest what they can without actually entering the strange unknownness of it.
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Jatfloikfa eiz
Wetland / Swamp
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