Forbiden Forest

A wild, uncharted forest in the far east. The dense foliage is only halted by the Shavaúntep Mountains. The forest has become a lawless land, taking on the function of Hutor in the east. Theives and liars and people with secrets leaving their home and slipping into its depths, braving its terrors in exchange for protection from the rest of society. Only those with nothing left to loose stay there, adopting the hostility and brutal nature of the forest over time.


The Forbidden forest ranges from a conifer forest more in the north to a dense, wild jungle the closer to the coast you go. Small rivers flow through the forest, almost none of them have names. This gives the plants plenty of water to grow thick and wild, cultivating all sorts of wild and strange beasts to guard the secrets held in its depths.

Fauna & Flora

There are several types of trees in the Forbidden forest, ranging from tall oaks and conifers to Kapok and palm trees the further south you go. In fact, in many ways, the south of the Forest should be called a jungle or rain forest. 

Consiting with a jungle, there are all sorts of animals and beasts inside, most leaning on the side of wanting to kill you.

Natural Resources

wide varieties of wood can be found in this forest, ranging all over. a wet dream for a lumberjack or architect. If you can kill a beast, you get all the resources that come with it such as pelts, teeth ,bone, fat, meats, and even sometimes poisons.


Some people claim the forest wasn't always there. They claim it grew in a day, the day of the forgetting. They say it sprouted fiercely, with roots like ropes writhing in the earth, settling deeper. They say it sounded like thunder, like a rockslide, like life in a moment. They say it hides a secret more powerful than you can imagine. But no one knows, no one remembers, no one was there, and all that is left is myth and rumor.

What they do know, I included, is that the forest is old. Old enough to defy any attempt at civilization forced upon it. Many have tried and failed to start a civilization in the forest, though each time its almost as if the magic of the land its self destroys it slowly, making sure nothing can rise from the rubble. So, After about 500 years of this, people just gave up, leaving the forest to do whatever it wanted. This made it incredibly appealing to anyone who needed to escape something else. Thieves began slipping inside, burrowing into the forest like badgers, working with its chaos instead of trying to tame it. Surprisingly, this seemed to work. The Forest left them alone, letting them hid to their heart's content but doing nothing to aid them when beasts and monsters came looking for an easy meal.


Tourists don't go there, afraid of both the criminals inside the forest and the beasts that call it home. People don't go to sightsee; they go if they have a past they need to forget, a secret they need to hide, or a crime they need to commit.
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