flawkaw creation

Before civilization, before space, before time, when all that existed was a vast, blank sandy expanse, one woman rose from the sand and the heat with fire in her eyes and burning her hair. Her first breath breathed life intot he world around her, igniting fires on the rolling sands. She wandered, taking in the desolate world around her and her heart broke. A single tear of complete sorrow fell, spilling from her beautiful cheek and onto the burning sand. From that tear rose a man, made of sculpted muscles and kind eyes. Vekeko started, taken aboke by her own power for a moment before helping the man to his feet. He stumbled, leaning heavily on her as his legs learned how to walk for the first time. Within minutes he was standing, sucking in the scortching, smoke filled air with a deep breath before hacking it back up again. Thunder boomed in the sky as he choaked, dark clouds rolling in to fill the bleached blue skies. On his second cough the first droplets of rain spilled from the heavens, dousing Vekeko's flames. She scowled at him, ready to criticize his actions but Tob spoke first.

"That smoke really is awful" he rasped, looking up through the streaming rain, "But I like this. It is calming." Vekeko frowned again but said nothing. A minute later the rain cleared and the clouds flitted away, letting the sun stream back down onto the pain. Around them the flames flickered back to life, following Vekeko where ever she stepped. The sun beat down on them, practically blinding them with its severity. Tob shaded his eyes, attempting to peer up at the sun for longer than a few seconds without searing pain. "Does it ever go away?" he asked, shifting his gaze to her. She shook her head, staring unashamed at him.

"No. But I wish it would." She replied. In that moment someone stepped up behind her and spun her around, leaning her back into a dip and pressed their lips against her own. A moment later they were gone and before her stood a man with golden hair, grinning.

"As you wish, my lady." He said with a flourish, twisting his hand as he bowed. Darkness rose from the horizon, streaching over to cover the sun, leaving them in the flickering fire light. Tuhku swayed, darting around to embrace Vekeko from behind. A shiver ran down her back, igniting a spark of lightening in her hair to shoot off and strick the groud a little ways off. Just like with Tob, a person rose from the sands where the lightening struck, sizzling with electricity herself.

Her eyes burned with anger as she gazed at the small group. Vekeko broke away from Tuhku and watched Boe, silently bringing her to slowly relax. When the electisity faded, Vekeko smiled, beconing her to come closer.

Together this group worked and created life in the desert, providing water for them to survive and places to give them shelter. They tended to their creations lovingly, putting aside their few differences for the betterment of their people. But one day, one of their people fell ill mysteriously, their body became frail and sickly. None of the Deities knew what to do and they were heartbroken to see their creation wither away and die. From the shadows Totu stepped, reaching out his hand for the lost soul. For the first time, Vekeko burned with anger at this new deity, silently vowing to eradicate death from her perfect world.
— an unknown author

Writen above is what is believed to be the first recording of the ancient Flawkaw creation myth. As you can see, the entire myth is based around their head deity, Vekeko, the deity of life and fire. While proven inaccurate and only told as a entertainment, this tale has greatly influenced much of the thought process in the west.
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Before history
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